Monday, August 10, 2009

On Pins and Needles

A two-fold meaning to the title of this post...........

First, I had a busy weekend watching my son race his bike. I have to admit that I am always on "pins and needles" during one of his races. These guys are traveling at a high speed and close proxemity during these races and wrecks are not uncommon. Luckily we have had an accident free year of racing. My second reference to "Pins and Needles" refers to the pin cushions that I have been creating. Here's one I finished this weekend.
I found this white china creamer at a thrift store for 25 cents. I combined it with a hand-stitched quilt piece that was made by a wonderful neighbor when I was growing up, some eyelet and buttons from the thrift store, some ribbon made to look like a measuring tape, a small buckle from my scrapbook supplies and last, but not least, a shoestring! This has made a nice addition to my sewing table.


  1. That pin cushion is so cute, what a great idea! The possibilities are endless for that type of project.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment today. Love your header picture and also the pics of your Studio are great. You have some nice pieces and lots of great old clocks.

    Maybe you'll be interested in joining in on the "White Wednesday" theme. Since you're new to blogging it's a great way to get your name out there. Let me know and enjoy your evening.


  3. I saw your pin cushion idea on Pinterest and thought it was such a cute idea! I shared this on my facebook, with your link of course. :) I too am a thrift seeker and love to bargain shop. New follower, thanks for sharing.


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