Thursday, August 20, 2009

One More Key Project

If you read my Thrifty Thursday post today you saw several projects where I incorporated some of my vintage key collection.

I got on the internet after work today and decided to get some inspiration from the pages of Pottery Barn and guess what they are showing.......vintage-looking skeleton keys.

Their idea was simple and beautiful! So here's what I created using the Pottery Barn idea as my inspiration.

First I decided since my keys were not 4" to 7" like the Pottery Barn keys I needed to ground them in a frame rather than have them simply hanging on the wall. I took this thrift store frame I had on hand (this one cost 25 cents) and went to work.

After dismantling the frame and putting the glass away for another project, I painted the frame black, distressed and antiqued it. I tossed the original picture but kept the cardboard backing. I sprayed adhesive glue on the cardboard and adhered some cream colored fabric that I had on hand. I choose 7 of my favorite skeleton keys and decided on their placement. I pierced small holes on both sides of each key and used thin wire to hold the keys in place. I attached the finished project back in the frame and project completed!

I love the finished project. It will look great hung with a grouping of pictures and photos. Thanks Pottery Barn for the inspiration!!

P.S. The Pottery Barn keys cost $19.00. My finished project cost $7.25.


  1. That looks AWESOME!! Pottery Barn is good for something. . . inspiration :) I love getting ideas from them. There prices are waaaay out of my comfort zone :)

  2. Okay, I'm dying here...I absolutely love what you did with your framed keys! Oh, and I do have those PB keys too. Got them a couple of years ago but saw they were selling them again in the latest catalog. :-)

  3. Jane! Dear me....I'm like totally speechless! Get over here this second and come decorate my house!!! You can frame whatever your little heart desires since you make it look so easy and SO PRETTY!!!!
    This is sooooo gorgeous! Now thanks to you, I will be looking for anything with a frame that I can paint black and certainly some old keys too!
    You are such an inspiration!!!!
    everything vintage

  4. I love it Jane! I like to look through catalogues for ideas too. I love how you transformed that frame, wow!

  5. I will have to come back for another look-once again I can't see the finished product-google has got to get some things fixed-this is crazy.
    Its So Very Cheri

  6. Love the keys! This turned out so great! I love the keys you chose and the black frame. Nice job. Where can I find me some keys like that? : )

  7. I love these--great way to display small collections!
    love, kelee

  8. i love the keys! pottery barn is a great source for inspiration...i keep some of their catalogs just for ideas!

  9. It turned out fabulous. I like it even better than the Pottery Barn keys. I need to find me some vintage keys.

  10. OH this looks so great! I love old keys!

  11. This is so simple and pretty, love it :)

  12. It turned out so well. Where are you going to display this?


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