Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I am very excited to join the fun at "Thrifty Thursday" hosted by Leigh at Tales From Bloggeritaville. I just came across her blog tonight and added my name to the list of devotees of all things thrifty about 30 minutes ago. Since it is still Thursday...........I quickly ran and got my camera and took a picture of one of my thrifty finds.
This little lamp started life as a cute, little coffee pot. When I saw it sitting on the shelf at an antique store I knew it would make a perfect lamp for my kitchen. A friend had all the lamp parts (and the expertise) to make the transformation. I already had the lamp shade so my total cost for my new kitchen counter lamp was $10.00. An added husband even likes it......he's not always so thrilled with my thrifty finds!

Looking forward to sharing more of my thrifty finds next Thursday.


  1. What a great transformation! Those can get expensive, but they are so easy to DIY, great job!

  2. Welcome to blog world. I am so glad you stopped by my blog. Please stop back often and I will do the same!! Take care.

  3. Hi Jane:
    Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to send you an email, but you don't have a "contact me" link on your blog yet. Hope you don't mind that I leave a message here in your comments instead.
    Send me a comment through my "email me" link on my left sidebar or by emailing me through this comment (I think you can do that by clicking on my BW name above my comment)and I'll give you a quick tutorial to add my giveaway link to your blog.
    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Jane !
    Thanks for visiting me....I can't believe I missed this post of yours.....that lamp is so great - looks super on your kitchen counter. I bet its a great little light in the evening when you don't want "wake" everyone up ! Super eye , girlie !

  5. Hi Jane, sorry it took so long for me to come by. Oh, I just love that lamp. Something about it seems...sassy? Like someone with a hand on her hip! Really makes me want to sing I'm a little tea pot!

  6. Hi Jane! I do not know how I missed this post, and quite frankly I am embarrassed that I did. I have long wanted one of these lamps for my kitchen! I just adore yours! Perfection! Thanks for linking up, friend!


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