Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letters and Numbers Party!!

I am SO excited to be participating in the Letters and Numbers Blog Party hosted by Vintage Junky. Link back to Vintage Junky here to see what fabulous letters and numbers people are sharing!

I love letters and numbers in all various forms and fonts. My dad worked his entire career as a typesetter at a printing company so maybe it was meant to be! All of these items are things I have somewhere in my home....hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Oh wow! You do have some lovelies! I love that Penmanship book and I just ordered some stencils similar to yours... do you use yours?

    Thanks for sharing and joining the party!

  2. You were right. You have lots of fun numbers and letters to share. I love them all and I am glad you joined the party!

  3. What a collection! Just awesome is all.

  4. Oh my goodness!! you have some wonderful, wonderful things! Thanks for your comment!

  5. Wow - you have quite the collection! I love, love, love the wall of "E"'s ... that's a fantastic idea!

  6. Well shoot...another party? My invite must have got lost in the mail. LOL!
    Jane, I love your letter E wall. I am actually planning a letter C wall very similar to yours.
    Love your stuff as always!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  7. Love all your letters and numbers! The old dominos are my favorite though!
    Thanks for stopping in.....giveaway to come, I hope!

  8. Oh my, I was SO in heaven here! Such vintage goodness...and I love the fact that your Dad was a typesetter! So cool!
    I just love coming here, you have the most beautiful things...I love them!
    everything vintage

  9. You have such a wonderful collection. Oh, that game board brings back memories from my tween years. And I love that phone.

  10. great collection! i love the old tape measure...hey, i have some brass stencils too!

  11. I am a nut for those things!!! Great stash you have there~

  12. Jane, love the letters and numbers party. You really have some cool stuff...love the "E" wall. :-)

  13. Hi Jane,
    This collection is amazing!!! I love all the e's on the wall. I think old typewriters are so cool to look at. Where do have yours? I love all the vintage stuff!
    What a fun party.

  14. Oh I love the wall of E's! It is so great. Great collection.


  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    I'm having a Goodwill party every Wednesday. Stop by and join in!!

  16. What a wonderful collection you have! I really enjoyed seeing the vintage items...some of which I remember! lol Have a great weekend...Debbie

  17. Hi Jane,
    I love this idea! I never thought much about letters and numbers (Whats wrong with me!) I will now! Talk to you soon. xoxo

  18. You have some fabulous photographs! Was excited to see Scrabble - my all time favorite game, and I have the same cigar box. I would never have thought to take the photos you have taken to depict the theme...very clever

  19. Truly beautiful images! I hope this "trend" sticks with us for a while. :)

  20. Jane,
    This is such a lovely post, I was fascinated all the way through, what a delight.
    Love the E wall, the wooden boxes, the Dominoes & Scrabble. Loved it all!
    a bientot
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  21. Hi Jane !!
    You have the names and numbers down, girlfriend ! So very cool !
    I wanted to come visit all my favorite bloggers today and thank you for your kind words before/after my surgery ! You are a sweetie pie !!!!
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  22. Wow! Those are some wonderful shots....Love them all. I'm doing a bit of "numbering" right now too!


  23. What a collection! I am jealous. I need to shop harder around here and find some great letters.

  24. LOVE those typewriter keys... I was on someone's site the other day and they made them into jewelry... they were GREAT!
    BTW... I look forward to seeing your Normandy photos! Would be happy to paint them for YOU!


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