Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wire Pumpkin Project

Since today is the first day of fall I thought I would turn my thoughts to creating something for my autumn displays. I think this project fits three party categories today so I'm linking to these great events:

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I was shopping at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and came across this wire pumpkin.

It was very cute, came in two sizes and at 50% off very reasonably priced at $4.50 for the smaller pumpkin and $6.00 for the larger one. I was about to purchase one when my thrifty alter ego suggested to me that I could make a similar pumpkin for much less. So off to Lowes I went where I purchased this:

200 feet of 20 gauge wire for $6.97. And with 13 feet of that wire (for a cost of 45 cents), I created this:

These are the steps I took to make my wire pumpkins (don't let all the steps scare really is quite easy to make)

1) Find a can in your are going to wrap the wire several times around the can.

2) Measure the diameter of the can (mine was 8 inches) and decide how many "loops" your pumpkin will have (the Hobby Lobby pumpkin had 50 loops...I decided that 20 loops was enough for my pumpkins). Multiply the diameter of the can by the number of loops on your pumpkin to get a length of wire that you need to cut for the project.

3) Cut the appropriate length of wire off of your roll of wire. Straighten as best you can.

4) Starting at one end of your can, begin to tightly wind the wire around the can, continue wrapping until you use all your cut wire.

5) Take the coiled wire off of the will kind of look like a slinky.

6) One one side of the loops, pull the loops together and, using a twisty tie (this will be a temporary hold), wire the loops together. With the inside wired together, the outside of the loops will fan out in a pumpkin-like shape.

7) Go outside and find a small branch for your pumpkin stem. Slide the branch in the twisty tied opening. I also made a small "curly cue" out of the wire to accent the stem. Now, using a piece of 16 gauge wire (approximately 8 inches long), tightly wrap the inside of your pumpkin loops and the branch. (I started the wrapping process, removed my temporary twisty tie, and then continued wrapping).

8) I then added a little glue for good measure and let that dry.

9) The wire I used was silver so I spray painted the pumpkin black. I painted the curly cue green. You could also add some leaves but I didn't have any....I'll add them later.

I had hoped to get pictures to illustrate the steps but time did not allow tonight. If there is interest I would be more than happy to post again with pictures (sometimes my written directions aren't the best).

The cost of my pumpkin was less than 50 cents. Cost will vary depending on the diameter of the can you use and the number of loops that you want your pumpkin to have.

My husband and son both liked this project so I think it was a winner!!


  1. Well, aren't you the most clever and thrifty one! Your pumpkins are perfect! I doubt that I make any this year, but I will print these instructions and file in my fall box. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  2. Oh My Gosh! How creative are you? I can't wait to try to make some of these adorable little pumpkins. I so admire creative people like you. Good Job. Please stop by and say hello. Be Well!

  3. My first thought when i saw the original was it looked like a slinky.

    I wonder if a slinky would work?
    Of course they may be plastic, but sprayed back i wonder if you could tell?
    Think I'll check out the $ store tomorrow and see what they have.
    Otherwise, it's off to the hardware store, and follow your directions.

    great job!!

    barbara jean

  4. Jane,
    You blow my mind with what you do. Looks fantabulous!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. Hi Jane,
    When I read that you had made your own pumpkins I thought oh oh this will be way too hard for me to do. But, your instructions are so easy to follow, I think I could do this.
    a bientot

  6. Super duper cute !!!!! You are one crafty woman - and I love when the hubby helps !
    Great, just great !

  7. How clever -- I would have went and bought the Hobby Lobby one without thinking . . . I bought a wire "cage" at a favorite shop and we were talking at lunch yesterday about being able to make one -- you maay have inspired me!

  8. Jane, As always, you are just so creative. Your wire pumpkins are awesome. I would have never thought to try to make them. Thanks for sharing them with us, and for the great instructions.

  9. Isn't that the most clever idea!!! Seriously, how CUTE is it? Great job on making it yourself! I bet ya could use a kid's slinky toy too!

  10. If you're ever down this way again, do stop by Linderhof -- our doors are always open and I'll fix a pot of tea. It's a great little town --

  11. I grew up in Kansas City BTW --

  12. AWESOME! I'm heading to Lowes today because you have inspired me to try and make my own. Thanks for sharing on how you made them.


  13. Bravo! I love this idea so much! Looks like you can make quite a few with that wire too. Just shows you how little it costs to make these things, and how much the stores mark them up!
    Great job!

  14. wow! What a great idea! I've been searching for something wonderful! Thank you!

  15. Guess what?! I am going to the attic right now to get my wire I have up there. You are too cool and I am too happy! (I just hope I can be crafty today)

  16. Oh my how cute. You are so creative. I would have never thought to do that.


  17. Jane,
    That is sooo cute! You are so creative! Now you have enough wire to make a pumpkin patch full.
    Glad the garage sale is over, they are so much work and every time I Have one I say its the last time! Have a good day,(its rainy icky here)

  18. AWESOME JOB!!! I am so impressed! Have you considered opening up an Etsy shop?

  19. Jane! How creative! I would have walked out of HobLob all full of myself for getting them 50% off!! I think I'll make a trip to Lowe's today! Thanks for the great idea!!! And thanks for the encouraging comments!

  20. Hi Jane,
    Now that is using your "thrifty brain". I love that you had the courage to round up all the supplies and went in for the homemade version. I love your "can do" attitude, it inspires me.
    Great Job!

  21. Jane! That is so cute and I even have some wire in the garage. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  22. Oh that's precious! What a terrific idea and thanks for the tutorial on it :) Oh and thanks for being my first follower!

  23. I am so inspired! How fantastically frugal of you to come up with this! I really need to try out the darling idea!

  24. Oh my word-I LOVE THIS-gotta make some. I started thinking OHH what could I make for a Christmas ornament. I make several different ornaments every year, with the kids for our tree, so I am always trying to come up with something creative.


  25. So clever and beautiful! I LOVE it!

    I'm new to your blog. Nice to "meet" you! :)


  26. Go check out what I had to say about you.


  27. Those pumpkins are so cool. I would have just bought them and be done with it. :-)

  28. Way to go girl!!! Don't think I would have thought of doing that...sure glad you did...looks really cute. Guess who's #52?


  29. I couldn't believe you made that! FAB.

  30. Lovely! I am impressed that you figured out how to make them yourselves! They look great, glad your family liked them! :-)

  31. I agree. They're adorable! I took one look and immediately thought of the different things I could use to make this!


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