Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raise a Racquet!

Halloween is rapidly approaching and I still don't have my living room mantle decorated.  I've worked on a couple of projects recently that will hopefully bring me one step closer to getting the job done.

I'm posting todays project with Leigh @ Tales from Bloggeritaville for Thrifty Thursday and with Suzanne @ Coloradolady for Vintage Thingies Thursday.  Go check out their great blogs and check in with all the thrifty and vintage finds!

I have seen a lot of vintage, wood tennis racquets with wood braces at thrift stores and antique malls.

I found these three braces at a thrift store (minus the tennis racquets) for 50 cents apiece.
I wanted to make a BOO sign for the mantle and thought these would make great frames for the BOO letters. 

After taking the wood brace apart, I used the brace as a pattern to cut out a piece of corrugated cardboard and a piece of patterned scrapbook paper (the carboard was used to help stabalize the paper in the frame).

One of my Christmas gifts last year was this Cricut cutter.  I have to admit that I haven't used this as much as I could but it sure came in handy for this project.

With the Cricut I was able to very quickly cut out these letters.

I reassembled the braces sandwiching the scrapbook paper and cardboard between the two frames.  I then adhered an inked piece of orange paper to the patterned scrapbook paper and then adhered the letters.

And here is the finished project.  You can see that I turned the middle brace upside down so the braces would sit close together.  OK....I know those aren't crows I attached to my BOO Cricut cartridge only had a robin....just imagine it's a crow!

And here's the sign on my undecorated mantle.  I'll post pictures of the completed mantle after I get it finished (or maybe I should say IF I get it finished)!!

My vintage, thrifty BOO sign cost a total of $4.00!

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  1. You are soooo creative. Plus it's vintage! What's not to love???

  2. How cool is that? I would have never thought to do that with those tennis racquet holders.
    Perfect size for the matle too. Very creative.
    Great Job!!

  3. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE your BOO sign made with tennis rackets...
    Now I better enter your giveaway.
    Deb :)

  4. Love it! SO unique! And I love how bright they are!

  5. Very cool! You did a great job!


  6. Jane:
    Those are so darn cute...and you're so clever!

  7. I LOVE that idea! Hi, I'm visiting from my daughter's blog. Can't wait to see the finished mantle!

  8. oh that is ssssooo CLEVER!..and oh btw i LOVE your black robins!..i want a cricut cutter too LOL!!

  9. That is the most clever use of those old racquet frames-we used to use them when we still had wooden racquets.

  10. It turned out great. I never would have imagined a use for those old frames.

  11. Oh Jane, you are just too cool for your own good! Can I come over some time to use your cricut machine? I'll bring food!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  12. Oh My Goodness Jane I love that! So creative. I just got a Cricut about a week ago. I haven't spent the time with it yet to really learn all that it can do.

    Have a great day,

  13. Jane, those are so cute, and creative. You have done it again!

  14. Oh how creative...neat idea you had here.


  15. Those make good frames. An idea for Christmas (or any time)--JOY.

  16. Jane! How amazingly creative is that! It takes real vision to see that those tennis racket holders would make frames! Just SO cute. This would be cute like the lady said above with the word Joy in them! Very, very cute!

    Happy Thrifty Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  17. First of all.... I love the sign! Second of all I totally wouldnt have thought of doing it and its brilliant! Third of all... omg I still havent any decorations up and everyone else does...

    and lastly I so want a cricket!

  18. the halloween frames are brilliant!! I love creative!!

  19. What a creative mind you have. I would never have thought to make these cute frames. You did an excellent job and perfect for Halloween.

  20. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me...I would love to go "thrifting" with you for a day...too bad we don't live near each other!

  21. OMG! what a great recycle project jane...thanks so much for stopping by for a could I not follow a fellow mid-western blogger...I am originally from Iowa come right thru you town twice a year to see my family...
    love this halloween project lots...happy halloween..

  22. What a BOO tiful Idea!!! I love it!! Wow what a creative genius you are! I just thought about how one could change it to read Joy for Christmas!


  23. I love your BOO sign!!! It's just too dang cute. Love what you used for the frames. I need me a cricut

  24. Just love them!! Great job! You'll be starting a trend :)

  25. Wow, very impressive. I like that cricut thingee too.


  26. Wow!! that is amazing. I am so impressed!

  27. This is the cutest idea!! Love it!

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  28. Jane,
    Where in the world did you come up with the wonderful idea to make something so cute out of 3 wooden braces? You have a gift for creating something out of materials that no longer have value!
    You also have the gift of encouragement. I am referring to the comments you made on the blog of Michelle's Cozy Cottage on September 4th. You are a blessing.
    Gwyn (care of Dee Dee, daughter)
    ps. My mom does not have a blog account, but had wanted me to pass on this message to you!
    I personally am excited to explore your blog as well!

  29. I'm back! So cute......

    I need a recipe from you-- pretty please.

  30. Perfect---what an eye you have. Lots of us see something we'd treasure, where we could put it, what it will complement and fit alongside.

    It takes a special, magical gift to see what MIGHT BE. These will be a treasure for years to come. (And will probably be copied far and wide, though the braces will be hard to come by).

  31. Hi Jane, You have such an eye for creativity! I would have NEVER thought of that. I love it!

  32. Oh you and your thrifty finds. What a fabulous use for these racquet're so darn clever. You can always sub out the robins for some of Martha's crow silhouettes at Michael's.

  33. Jane, you have the must have the best vision! How do you see all these odds and ends turned into something so beautiful?

    "If" you get it done? Now you sound like me!

  34. OMG!! I would have NEVER EVER thought to do this!! It is so flippin adorable!! I love it so much!!!!

    Boo! Sooooo cute!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  35. Hi Jane, Came over from Kim @Starshine Chic- this "BOO" is so cute! Using the old tennis racket protectors was ingenious. I want to try out a Cricut to see what all it can do. There is a seminar at Michael's coming up, so I'll check it out.
    :-) Sue

  36. That is too perfect and I know just where to pick some of those up!

  37. This looks terrific! What a cool way of using
    a found item!

  38. These are FABULOUS Jane! I have so much catching up to do here with all your great projects to look at.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Farmstead!

  39. Now that is a recycling project that never, ever would have crossed my mind. Absolutely fantastic and so adorable! Great work! :)

  40. Just stopping in again this afternoon (Sat.) Didn't want you to forget me!! HA

  41. Jane you're a genius. Love your BOO!
    Hugs to you clever girl,

    Thank you for your comment on my last post. You touched my heart.

  42. Jane,

    I wanted to let you know that I've been so inspired by your wire pumpkins that I went out this weekend, bought wire and made 8 myself! I wanted to let you also know, that I posted a blog about your wire pumpkins, credited and linked my blog to your post and tutorial. If you start getting comment's regarding your adorable wire pumpkins, that's why! Thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas with us each week!
    Dee Dee @ ddzine

  43. Sooooo cute! You have such vision, I never would have thought to use those racquet frames in that way!

  44. What a great idea! That is a very creative use of the raquet frames. Don't you just love having a Cricut when you need it. I under utilize mine also.

  45. Adorable!!! What a fabulous use for those old racket thingys! And so perfect for this project as the aged wood really makes such a great frame. I just got my Cricut and I'm so excited about it, but I'm still working on figuring it out.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have searched all around and I don't think I have anything related to the "12 days...". If I come up with something though, I'll be sure to let you know.

  46. Oh My Gosh -- That is totally cool! You have many great ideas. Move over, followers, make room for one more!

  47. NEVER cease to amaze me. When I think you are pull one on again! This is marvelous! fantastic! amazing! You should be on HGTV or some kind of famous show...Maybe Martha Stewart's little sister or something!!!!
    And you knew me when...??? I want YOUR autograph you silly girl!
    everything vintage

  48. Fabulous! I dont know how I missed this? Oh, I kow, a few weeks ago my computer crashed as I was int eh midst of visiting Thrifty Thursday participants. I didnt know where I had left off. Please for give me. What a wondefully clever project, yet again. You amaze me!

  49. This is truly adorable. I had a couple plans for my racket braces but I think your idea is swaying me to do something other than what I had planned. Well done!
    AKA - Junk Sophisticate

  50. Wow, those are so beautiful. Super creative!


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