Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick 'r Treat Swap


I am very excited to be participating in my very first blog swap which was generously hosted by Christine @ A Work In Progress.  For this swap each participant created two "treats" and one "trick".  These Trick 'r Treat items were shipped to Christine earlier in the month where she then brewed her magic and swapped out two new "treats" and one new "trick" for each participant.   She mailed these new Trick 'r Treat items to each participant and today is the day we get to go Trick 'r Treating to see who got our items and who made the items we received.  So let's get our costumes on and go Trick 'r Treating!!!!

First I'll picture the items I created for the swap.  Keeping with my crafting philosophy of reusing thrifty and vintage items in my projects I knew just what I would make for my "treats" using these vintage wood photo albums that I found, one at a thrift store and one at an antique store.  Here's the before pictures:

And with a little magic....OK....with some black paint, an antique cabinet card photo, some vintage sheet music, a tea-stained dryer sheet, ribbon, buttons and stickers, I collaged a new Halloween scrapbook filled with blank, acid-free black pages that are ready to be filled with Halloween memories.

For my "trick" I created this little hanging card from an antique cabinet card

Now on to the wonderful Trick 'r Treat items I received from the swap!!!

My first item....a wonderful Chunkybook treat!!  This little book is chock full of wonderful Halloween embellishments.  It is so beautifully crafted and I can't wait to add some of my Halloween pictures and memories.  I LOVE IT!!


My second "treat" came wrapped in this fabulous fabric package, decorated with Halloween stamped messages.
And inside the package:  A fun "spooky" scrapbook for more of my Halloween pictures (I am going to be so organized!).  This book is so cute and is perfect for the pictures of my son in his halloween costumes through the years.
Also in the bag was this adorable little black box decorated with wonderful fall embellishements

and inside the box....this fun "treats" banner....look how great it looks on my mantle.

I absolutely LOVED all these wonderful treats.....thanks!!

And finally, my "trick", which I thought was more of a "treat".  Look at this adorable little "BOO" sign!
And I love the tag that was attached to the box, it was a gift itself!

And last but not least we all received from Christine a wonderful "thanks for participating" gift - this wonderful assortment of Halloween goodies.....a Halloween postcard, stickers, "bingo" cards, acylic stamp...all sorts of items for future Halloween projects.  Thank you Christine!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful Halloween goodies.  I love each and every one of them.  Here's one last picture of all of my "Trick 'r Treat" items displayed on my kitchen table.

Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. Oh wonderful!!! I love all of your items. What fum!!!! Happy Holloween!

  2. I was completely blown away by the scrapbook I received and that was BEFORE I saw what you started out with! Now I'm completely speechless!

  3. It is so nice to see these unique pieces. Even adults can have a great time on Halloween. You ended up with some wonderful treats!

  4. Oh my received some wonderful treats. That seemed like a fun party to participate in!

    Happy Halloween and have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a fun thing to participate in! That is super fun and you got some adorable things. Great job on your books too, they were adorable.

  6. Wasn't this the best swap ever?!!I had such a wonder time and truly enjoyed all my gifts. You're such a clever one whipping up those fabulous wooden albums!!! Just beautiful. Happy Halloween

  7. Oh, Jane, I knew you would come up with something clever! Fantastic tricks and treats! Thanks so much for joining in the swap. Have fun Trick 'r Treating, and Happy Halloween!

  8. I love the scrapbooks that you made! The recipients must be thrilled! :) I'm glad you liked the chunky "boo" book. I enjoyed putting it together. Have a happy Halloween!

  9. So glad you liked my little "Boo" sign, and tag..I had fun making the tag!!

    Your creations are fabulous! I wasn't a recipient of any, but I know whoever was will love them!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  10. Oh you little witch! (I don't really mean that, it just fits the holiday ;0

    I just LOVE all of your little treats!!!!
    You did a fantastic job making your one of a kind creations as usual too.

    Girl, I wish we'd live closer could teach me all of your tricks and maybe some of those great ideas you have would rub off on me!!!!!!

    Fabulous as always~
    Happy Halloween from your biggest fan,
    everything vintage

  11. Nice post - antique pictures ..Keep Posting

    antique pictures

  12. Happy Halloween! Everything did look just bootiful! :)

  13. I am late making the rounds as I was a busy witch yesterday....amazing goodies!

  14. I'm late making the rounds too. Your treats look super fun!

  15. Hi Jane,
    What a fun swap!! You did a fabulous job on that snapshot book, what a transformation!
    Okay so, here's another weird coincidence, I had to laugh at that old Halloween photo, because when I was a kid I had that exact same princess mask!! Boy, that really brought back some old memories that I had forgotten about. I remember wearing that mask and thinking I was just the prettiest thing in the world when I had it on, but now that I see it, well... it's kind of creepy looking!!! Is that a family photo, or just one that you found?

  16. is the scary stuff over? can i open my eyes now? NAW, your photos were truly wonderful...even the scary books. lol. sweet, sweet blog!!!

  17. Love your Halloween decorations! I didn't find an email address for you. If you send me an email at, I will send you instructions for the flowers... They are super easy.

  18. Absolutey wonderful treats and the tricks are just as fantastic too! Great stuff! How nice to receive so many handmade gifts. Love everything. Best wishes, Tammy

  19. how insanely cute!!! what a great idea and you really racked up on some adorable gifts! is she doing this for christmas as well? you are so talented - i love your work.

  20. Wow! That was some awesome teats you got (and gave away)! I loved all of it!

  21. Wow, you did very well! What you sent AND what you received are wonderful.

  22. Hi Jane!
    What a wonderful idea and how fun to participate in. I LOVED the treats you made! What a wonderful transformation to the wooden albums. You really got some great items in the swap also. Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)
    The Tattered Cottage

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love reading yours! I did an instructional post on the rossettes.

  24. Hi there, Jane!
    What a sweet Halloween swap, each gift is so beautiful and unique! I'll bet it was a whole lotta fun participating! I L.O.V.E. how you altered those vintage albums... I'm telling ya'.... you are so darn creative!
    Hugs to you!

  25. Hey Jane,
    Thanks for the background on the photo, you were a cute little witch!! What a funny story about your brother and the cigarette, you certainly wouldn't see that today! No worries on me posting the photo, I would never do that!

  26. I just wanted to let you know, I passed an award on to you. You can visit Happy Nester for more details.

  27. Jane ~ I love the books you made! And I love what you got in return! All treats in my book!

  28. Very fun swap and LOVE them all. You were very creative. They look great displayed on your table.
    Deb :)

  29. Jane, I'm crazy about the books you made. They are darling! And I can't get over all of you loot you got! WOW! There is just some major cuteness here. Love it ALL!


    Sheila :-)

  30. Jane,
    I'm sorry to be so slow, but I loved receiving my Trick from you - another Jane - and I loved that you received one of my bags! That happened with Debra too - Treats from her and one from me to her. This swap was such fun!

    I really love the Jolly Halloween cabinet card you made -a perfect Halloween hanging for me.

    Thanks so much!

    Jane - Jacksonville

    p.s. The bags were made of bleached out chicken feed bags 40 or 50 years ago by my mother.


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