Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time for a Change

Over the past couple of weeks I have been fortunate to have guests stay over for the holidays.  My sister headed back home yesterday so it is now time for me to get busy on a project that I've been wanting to do for quite some time....a complete guest room redo.  I go back to work on Monday so I'm hoping to get the big part of the project completed this week (painting, a little sewing, some furniture updates).

This is a project that is long overdue.  I have been living with the current decor for almost 12 years now and it has been my guest room "look" in three houses in three states.  I made all of the bedding and curtains in early 1998 when we lived in Minnesota.  We moved to California and the decor went with us.  Three years later we moved to our current home in Kansas City and the room stayed the same.  Well the time has come to say goodbye to my Waverly flowers and hello to a brand new look.

I want to paint the room brown with white/cream accents.  I know it will need a pop of another color but I'm not sure yet what that will be.  I have a lot of fun vintage pieces that I want to incorporate into the room.  I want to give it a vintage, travel theme but not too over the top. 

With that in mind, I am open to any ideas that you all might have.  I have found the best decorators are out there in blogland so don't hesitate to give me your opinion.

Here are pictures of the room in it's current state.  The bed frame and TV cabinet are Ethan Allen pieces that I am not willing to paint...everything else is free game!  The attached bathroom will also be getting an updated look (stage 2).

These are some of the furniture pieces that will need to get a facelift.  They were thrift store finds 12 years ago that I transformed back in 1998.  I don't know if they will all come back into the room but I'm working on a tight budget so they will probably resurface.

OK....there you have it.  I've posted this so it will keep me motivated to get the project moving.  I'm off to buy my paint!  Wish me luck.



  1. Hi Jane! What fun! Have you seen the color that Miss Mustard Seed is doing in her master bedroom ~ a cream/beige/blue combo. The blue might work well for you with the colors you have mentioned so far. You could easily just paint the other furniture pieces (i.e. bookcase and side tables) to coordinate with the new colors. I like to look for an inspiration piece first like a comforter or picture {and with a client if we are using existing items I look to the colors in them}.

  2. I already like your paint colors and theme idea. You've got some nice pieces to work with already. A little paint goes a long way. Please show your after photos, I can't wait to see what you've done(this should keep you motivated).

    Best wishes to you and your family in the New Year.


  3. I by no means am one to be offering advice on decorating LOL! I love the travel theme ~ maybe one of those vintage pieces you want to use will inspire your color choice. Can't wait to see what you decide ~ Good luck, have fun and Happy New Year! Judi

  4. Hi Jane!
    You got great pieces to start out with. I can't wait to see the progress as you start working on this room. As far as the accent color, I bet something will just catch your eye and you will know that is the color you want.

  5. I have just seen some aqua, brown and cream...I guess I would find a bedspread and go from there. How FUN!!! Can't wait to see what you end up doing.
    Deb :)

  6. Jane~~~

    Personally I don't think the room looks outdated but I too get tired of looking at the same things. I love your color combos and the travel theme. Blue looks good with brown but maybe that is 'SO last year'! lol! Make sure we get to see it. I have 2 rooms at the lake I am redoing this spring and I need ideas, too!! :-)


  7. Jane I am so anxious to see what do. I already know it will be great! I definitly will be nagging to see the progress updates.

  8. Looking good and I love using vintage finds!!!
    Have a fun makeover!!

  9. How exciting! The first thing that comes to mind is stacked vintage suitcases as bedside tables. The furniture is beautiful and I think it will be perfect left as is! I can not wait to see your progress pictures and the final transformation! Happy New Year!

  10. Hi Jane! sounds like a great project, I plan on redoing a small bedroom myself come January. I love your color ideas, perhaps you'll want to leave that 'pop' of color changeable for the seasons? just small accents & pillows that can come & go? Thanks for your card, I was delighted to see your son is named Alex, that's my youngest son's name.

  11. omygod...I cannot wait to see what you will do!!!!
    I have ALL the faith in the world that it will look FABULOUS!!!
    After all, anything you touch turns out FABULOUS...we ALL know that!
    Now I'm whisking my magic wand for you to hurry up and be finished so we can see!!!!!!
    Have fun~
    everything vintage

  12. Hi Jane,
    Oh, I know this room will be gorgeous. You have a real talent for pulling it all together. Can't wait to see it, don't keep us in suspense to long!

  13. Gee, the room looks so nice as it is, but I understand your being tired of it after 12 years. Time for a change, and I can't wait to see the transformation!

  14. This sounds like a fun project for the new year. Good luck with it, and give us a look to inspire us.

  15. I was inclined to suggest blue or aqua - they look so nice with brown.

    I love to find an inspiration piece (like a comforter) and take it to the paint store to match up to one of the colors in it. Works like a charm.

    For the travel theme, you could stack some vintage suitcases. Depending on the colors you end up choosing, you could mod podge them with sepia toned or tea washed maps. Oh the possibilities!

    Keep us posted!

  16. Jane,
    This room looks beautiful as is, but I'm sure anything you do to it will be just as fantastic! What colors inspire you, what colors would push your desing style( as in I might not try it in another part of my house, but would do it here), how long do you want guest to stay... (make it too nice and they might not want to leave!... )
    I'm so looking forward to seeing your changes!
    Dee Dee

  17. I LOVE makeovers! I can't wait to see what you do.

    With the brown and white/cream I think a pale turquoise blue (the shade used in the fifties?) would look wonderful. Just a hint of green (sage/lime-ish... can't think of what it would be called) would look nice too.

    Whatever you decide to do will look awesome.

  18. Your Ethan Allen bedframe and cabinet are beautiful! I'm really excited for you and I LOVE the vintage travel theme. I'm with Stephanie Lynn, I think some stacked luggage would look great! Whatever you do, I'm sure will turn out fabulous! Happy New Year! ~Lisa

  19. Well, You have tons of great suggestions to sort out! I can't wait to see how everything goes, keep us updated every step of the way! ;)
    Seems to me the 'new trend' is going to be aqua blue this winter/spring... But I still like my red accents. They're bold, vintage, timeless. I almost always depend on very neutral (brinking on masculine)colors for walls- it seems like it really puts any decor 'front and center'. GOod luck! I'm excited for you!

  20. I am really anxious to see what you come up with. You have some great furniture to work with. I sure it will be a haven for you guests when you get done. Ambitious project before returning to work. It would take me weeks. I'm glad you liked my little bags as they sure made my girls happy. Thanks for stopping by.
    Oh! Suggestions...well I like black with your cream and brown, but you would probably still need a little color. Maybe the fabric you choose will give you a direction.

  21. what a great guest room you have now! It will be fun to see what you decide to do with the re-do. :o)

    (Wow! that you are planning to do this before getting back to work! I will do well, just to put away all our Christmas decorations before I go back to work :o)
    Blessings & Aloha!

  22. Wow, good luck with the room redo. It's always fun trying out a new look, and I love the vintage travel theme idea. PB had those cute map lamp shades that may be a good diy for your room. Have fun and Happy New Year!

  23. Hi Jane,
    Looking forward to the big reveal too!I love makeovers and i think the stacked suitcase ideas are the way to go, maybe replace those pictures on the wall with prints of some old cruise liners or scenes of the Orient Express trains???


  24. Brown and cream sounds great...can't wait to see it! I really like your "E"s.

  25. Sounds like you've already got an idea in your head of where you want to go with the room and I have absolutely no doubt that the finished product will be absolutely fantastic! Everything you do always turns out better and more beautiful than it began. Can't wait to see the outcome. You've got great pieces to work with and paint can certainly transform anything. Best wishes, Tammy

  26. Jane,

    Its going to be fabulous! Thepieces you have can be transformed easily...and itsnt it amazing what a bit of paint will do to a room!
    I did not get the email with your address. Sorry, I dont know what happened...

  27. I was reading your post and thinking that you'd probably like Miss Mustard Seeds master bedroom, but I Kathy jumped on that one right away.

    One thing that I did in a client's guest room that I thought was a good idea.........I put a large map of the US on cork board and hung it on the wall and built a frame around it. I put a small jar of decorative thumb tacks on the nightstand with an instructional sticker on the jar asking them to write a short note about their visit and pin it to the town they were from. I put another jar that held a pen and slips of paper for them to write on. The homeowner loved it.

    Since this is a guest room, you could try it.

    I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great. Another thing I did in an office was to use decorative tacks and pin wide strips of ribbon to the wall going vertical from top to bottom. I used painted clothespins to clip notes and pictures to the ribbons. Each ribbon was a different design, so it really jazzed up the wall. It was darling1

  28. I think the room is beautiful as is but yes, I'm sure I'd change if I had the same decor for 12 years just to see fresh and fabulous. I can't wait to see your end result.

  29. Why do you want to change perfection? Your guest room is so much prettier than any room I have in my whole house. Is it because the guests want to move in an stay forever? If it was me...I would never want to leave. Wow!


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