Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guest Room Redo - Part 2

First I want to say thank you for all of the wonderful comments/suggestions/advice I received about the guest room redo that I am undertaking this week.  I read every comment and really appreciate the time you guys took to give me the encouragement I needed to get this project rolling.  Pictures of the "before" and my ideas for the room are posted here.

My original plan was to shop for paint yesterday morning, prep the room yesterday afternoon and start painting bright and early this morning.  Of course this didn't work out as planned but by late afternoon yesterday I finally managed to make my paint selection and at 8:00 last night I was at Lowe's buying this fabulous paint:

Valspar #3001-9A - Chocolate Turtle
Seriously, this paint looked like a gallon of melted chocolate!

I got the first coat on the walls today and I LOVE it.  I'm holding off showing you any pictures until I get the 2nd coat on.

Now to the fun part of my post.  Like I mentioned yesterday I am going for a vintage, travel theme in this room.  Several of you mentioned stacking old suitcases for a nightstand and I think it's a great idea.  Here's a picture of some of the vintage suitcase collection that I plan on using in the room. 

In addition to the suitcases I have some other vintage accessories that will be displayed in the room.

Three cream and brown vintage alarm clocks:

A small cream colored vintage fan:

And a small collection of vintage, frameless mirrors (sorry for the terrible picture).

So that's a little insight into what is going into the room.  Final decisions on bedding and curtains haven't been made yet but I'll keep you posted.  Thanks again for your encouragement!

I'm linking with Suzanne @ Coloradolady for Vintage Thingies Thursday.  Thanks Suzanne for hosting this party that is near and dear to my vintage-loving heart!

Happy New Year.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time for a Change

Over the past couple of weeks I have been fortunate to have guests stay over for the holidays.  My sister headed back home yesterday so it is now time for me to get busy on a project that I've been wanting to do for quite some time....a complete guest room redo.  I go back to work on Monday so I'm hoping to get the big part of the project completed this week (painting, a little sewing, some furniture updates).

This is a project that is long overdue.  I have been living with the current decor for almost 12 years now and it has been my guest room "look" in three houses in three states.  I made all of the bedding and curtains in early 1998 when we lived in Minnesota.  We moved to California and the decor went with us.  Three years later we moved to our current home in Kansas City and the room stayed the same.  Well the time has come to say goodbye to my Waverly flowers and hello to a brand new look.

I want to paint the room brown with white/cream accents.  I know it will need a pop of another color but I'm not sure yet what that will be.  I have a lot of fun vintage pieces that I want to incorporate into the room.  I want to give it a vintage, travel theme but not too over the top. 

With that in mind, I am open to any ideas that you all might have.  I have found the best decorators are out there in blogland so don't hesitate to give me your opinion.

Here are pictures of the room in it's current state.  The bed frame and TV cabinet are Ethan Allen pieces that I am not willing to paint...everything else is free game!  The attached bathroom will also be getting an updated look (stage 2).

These are some of the furniture pieces that will need to get a facelift.  They were thrift store finds 12 years ago that I transformed back in 1998.  I don't know if they will all come back into the room but I'm working on a tight budget so they will probably resurface.

OK....there you have it.  I've posted this so it will keep me motivated to get the project moving.  I'm off to buy my paint!  Wish me luck.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Be Careful What you Wish For

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.......well not anymore!  A white Christmas is nice when the snow falls a couple of days before Christmas and the roads are driveable.  But when the snow falls on Christmas Eve and through Christmas day, well let's just say that a white Christmas isn't all it's cracked up to be.

This is a picture (through my front door...I wasn't going out in the single digit temperatures!) of my son shoveling our driveway yesterday. 

It's really hard to measure how much snow we got because of the high winds and drifting that accompanied the snow storm.  My best guess would be 6-10".  The roads on Christmas morning were not safe for driving so my Mom and Dad and sister (in from Dallas) were not able to make the 45 minute drive from their home to ours.  My brother and his family (about a 30 minute drive away) were also not able to make the trip from their house. 

So....plan B....a smaller celebration on Christmas Day with me, my husband, son and MIL and more to come this weekend IF the roads improve (not looking promising today but there's always tomorrow...I'm trying to stay positive here).

Hoping your Christmas day went off as for me, I'm taking "White Christmas" off my Christmas song favorites!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Welcome to the last installment of Vintage Christmas Monday.  This has been such a fun party!  Thanks to Joan @ Anything Goes Here for being our fabulous host.  I have definitely found a vintage-loving group of fellow bloggers and I have really enjoyed being a part of the party.

Believe it or not, I have run out of vintage Christmas items to show.  So today I am posting a couple of pictures of my favorite "vintage" people (and they said it was OK to call them that) parents.  My Mom and Dad both turned 80 this year and they have been married for 56 years.  This first picture is of their 1st Christmas together in 1953.

And this picture is of them last year opening up one of their presents.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

And a very Merry Christmas to everyone that I have "met" and come to know through my blog.  I started this blog to share some of my ideas and projects never knowing that I would meet so many wonderful people along the way.  I appreciate all of your comments and support these past few months and look forward to sharing more projects and gathering more ideas from all of you in 2010. 

Happy Holidays!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early Christmas Gifts

Christmas has arrived early at my house!  Kim @ Starshine Chic held a wonderful giveaway and I was the winner!  Last week I received my fabulous gifts from Kim and I wanted to say "thanks" to Kim and to show you the great items I received.  If you haven't visited Kim please take the time to visit her, she has a real knack for decorating and her Christmas displays are simply beautiful!

Now to the good stuff....
Kim really knows how to pack a box!  Inside I found this great assortment of Christmas and white snowflake dish towels (which I am already using), coordinating red and white snowflake pot holders (which will definitely get some use when I do a little baking this week), a cute Santa cup filled with candy (already eaten) and my favorite item, a wonderful plate stand created with a red and white snowflake plate and a matching coffee mug.  If my baking goes as planned, this plate will be full of cookies in a couple of days.

Thanks again Kim for this wonderful giveaway.  I appreciate your generosity and will put everything to good use.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is a little over a week away!

Santa's Helper wants to know......

Have you been naughty???

Or nice???

I'm linking to two of my favorite parties....Thrifty Thursday with Leigh @ Tales from Bloggeritaville and Vintage Thingies Thursday with Suzanne @ Coloradolady because the cabinet cards are definitely vintage and at 50 cents a card plus a few embellishments I had in my scrapbook supplies, they were very thrifty too.  Happy Thursday!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Happy Vintage Christmas Monday!  Joan @ Anything Goes Here has been our host for this fun Monday party and so many wonderful vintage items have been shared these past few weeks.  Link back to Anything Goes Here and see what is being shared this week.  The participants are listed on Joan's sidebar.

Today I am sharing some Wilton Armetale "12 Days of Christmas" pewder ornaments that my mother-in-law began purchasing for my husband over 30 years ago.  For 12 years, beginning in 1978, Wilton came out with an ornament depicting one of the 12 days of Christmas.  Every year my MIL would purchase an ornament and give it to my husband for Christmas.  The set was complete in 1989.

I have to admit that in the past few years these ornaments have not been on my "favorites" list.  They just never quite fit in with my holiday decor and I haven't displayed them for years.  This year as I got my decorations out I saw these ornaments in a different light.  I decided to get them out and display them in the guest room that my MIL will be staying in when she visits for the holiday.  Rather than hanging them on the small tree I put in her room (they are too heavy), I tied each one to an old bottle and lined them up on a shelf in the bedroom.  Each bottle is filled with various red, green or white items to help bring the colors of Christmas into the display. 

I think my MIL will enjoy seeing the ornaments that she purchased 30 years ago displayed in her room.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tutorial on Christmas Ornaments and Hangers

As promised, I'm posting a tutorial (OK - really two tutorials) on how I made my vintage-inspired ornaments that I posted about on Monday.  Here are some of the pictures of the ornaments that were created using graphics from Karen @ The Graphics Fairy.

This ended up being a long tutorial so I am going to post about making the wire hangers today and I will follow up with the ornament this weekend.   Here's the supplies you'll need for the wire hanger:

18 gauge wire, scrap piece of wood, 4 nails (finishing nails with no head), beads, wire cutters, small pliers, marker or round pencil, old spool, ruler.

Now bear with me with all of the instructions....I promise you, these are very quick and easy to make once you have the supplies ready.  I timed myself while making one and it took me 2 minutes.  

So here we go:

First, take the four finishing nails and nail them into the scrap piece of wood to make a template for the top of the wire hanger.  Nail the top nail in, nail a second nail 3/4" below the first nail, and then nail the remaining two nails 1/8" down and 1/2" over from the the second nail.  This is what your template should look like.

Now cut an 18" piece of wire for the hanger.

Make a small bend in the middle of the cut wire and place it over the top nail on the template.

Now cross one wire over the other (underneath the second nail) and then bring the wires up and around the two bottom nails.

Next, take the left wire and loop around the left nail bringing the wire back underneath the center nail.   Repeat the steps with the right wire.  This is what you should have at this point.

Now slide the wire off of the template.  Here's what it should look like.

Now pull the ends of wires together and slide a bead over both wires (note: when purchasing beads make sure the bead hole is large enough to accomodate the thickness of both wires).

Slide the bead to the top of the hanger.

and your hanger at this point should look like this:

Now it's time to shape the circle on both sides of the hanger.  To get a smooth circle you need to wrap the wire around a round shape.  This is where I used an old spool that I had in my supplies.

I could not get a good picture of the next step because I didn't have anyone to take the picture while I wrapped the wire.  The following picture is what the hanger should look like after wrapping one side around the spool.
The wire is too long at this point so you will want to cut to look like this (I adjusted the color on this picture and apparently I went a little too far....the wire looks green!)

Repeat the steps on the other side of the hanger and you are almost done!

At this point if you want to add some additional beads you need to add them now.  I added smaller red beads to both sides.

The last step is to take your small pliers and bend the edge of the wire around in a small loop to give the wire edge a decorative finish and to hold the beads in place.

And here's the finished hanger.

These last pictures show a quick way to make the wire jump rings that you will need to attach your ornament to the hanger.

Take a length of wire and wrap tightly around a pen, round pencil or dowel rod that you have handy.

Slide the wire off of the pen and you'll have this little spring

Now take your wire cutters and cut through the spring

You now have several jump rings to use for your project.

OK....I hope I haven't scared you away with all of these steps.  These really are easy to make and I think they look great with the ornament.

I'll be honest, this tutorial was a lot more difficult to write and photograph than I thought so if something isn't clear or you need more clarification please don't hesitate to leave me a comment or e-mail.

I'll be back this weekend with the tutorial on the ornament.

I'm linking with Jane @ Finding Fabulous for her Frugalicious Friday party.  Thanks to Jane for hosting the party.  Please be sure and visit Jane and all the other participants for some fabulous, frugal ideas!