Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Lucky Blogger

Within the past 3 weeks I have been one lucky blogger!  I have won not one, not two, but three wonderful giveaways! 

My first gift was from Debbie at Pink Roses and Teacups.  Debbie was a blogging friend that I met through the Vintage Christmas Monday posts.  We both share a love of vintage Christmas and Debbie hosted a giveaway of two vintage Christmas lamps.  The lamps resemble candles and both have little angels on the bases.  They arrived right before Christmas and I was able to add them to my holiday decor.  Thank you again Debbie for the wonderful gift.  Although they are safely packed away now, they will definitely be a part of my yearly Christmas decor. 

My next win came courtesy of Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions.  I have been following Kathy for awhile now.  She has a great eye for decorating and she creates some wonderful crafts.  Kathy is a blogging friend that you can always count on to stop by for a visit and leave encouraging comments. 
Kathy recently held a giveaway to help celebrate the 2nd anniversary of her blog.  Once again luck was on my side as I was the winner of these fabulous gifts:  two metal crown hooks and a hand crafted journal.  I think I have a pretty good idea where I'm going to hang the hooks (I can't give it away just yet) and the journal couldn't have come at a better time to help me record some of my thoughts as my family adjusts to our new year.  Happy blog anniversary Kathy and thank you for the thoughtful gifts.

My last giveaway win was through the generosity of Laura @ White Spray Paint.  Laura has a beautiful blog that I recently became familiar with through the Silver Sunday party.  I have enjoyed getting to know Laura these past couple of weeks and I was super excited to be the winner of the giveaway she hosted to celebrate her first year of blogging.  The prize:  A blog makeover by Jackie @ Memories by Design!  I have been wanting to update my blog look (you will all be happy to see the 1962 Christmas blog header picture go away) and I will be working with Jackie in a couple of weeks to start the process of beautifying my blog!  Happy blog anniversary to you too Laura and thank you so much for the generous gift.  Look for the new and improved Mamie Jane's in a few weeks (now if I could only update my own look that easily!)

When you have a chance please go visit these three ladies.....you won't be disappointed.

I'm linking today with Jan @ Bobbiepins Boardwalk for The Boardwalk Bragfest.  It couldn't be a more appropriate party.

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Thanks for linking your winnings, Jane! It is a very appropriate brag, if I do say so myself! I recently won something also, but she wasn't sure what it was going to be and I've not received it yet, so I'll brag about it when I know what it is (haha), but I love your goodies! I will miss your Christmas picture though -- terribly! I love looking at the picture. I reminds me of my past Christmases. A blog makeover would be a lot of fun though! I'll keep my eye open and see what you two come up with.

  2. You are one lucky duck! :)
    I am drooling over the crown hooks and that journal, Jane! Congratulations, dear! I hope that the new year brings happiness and blessings to you and yours...and hope that you are doing well! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog~ you must be very excited about working on the new look!

  3. I love those King and Queen coat hooks! Those are just perfect! Congrats on the awards!

  4. How fortunate to win all those give aways! You lucky gal!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  5. I'm so happy for you! I will definitely check out all the blogs you mentioned - it's always fun to find new ones. Can't wait to see your makeover. (And, I agree with you about the personal makeover - if only.......)
    Mary Lou

  6. I love to see what people are winning out there with the giveaways. Congratulations you got some great stuff!! I especially love that vintage candle.

  7. Well you have struck lucky Jane, some lovely treasures there!
    Looking forward to your new blog header but must say the present one still does it for me!

  8. What a lucky girl you are. I love all of your winnings, the lamps and crown hooks and the blog makeover (wow)! Hooray for you, Jane!!


  9. Wow! I thought I was having a run of bloggy giveaway luck! I actually like your banner picture; it also makes me think of when I was a kid and how much simpler everything was. Have fun with the blog make-over! I always like seeing what people come up with.

  10. Good for you! Couldn't happen to a nicer blog friend!

  11. Wow Lucky Girl! Being a newbie on here I'm so blown away with everyones generosity! You won some really great prizes, I will miss your header when it's gone though! Can't wait to see where you hang the hooks... ~ Theresa

  12. Jane is one LUCKY GIRL...congrats to her! I will be looking for that blog make-over...what an awesome giveaway!

    HAPPY Wednesday!

  13. You lucky girl!! Great wins!! Love the wings on the journal....hope all is going well..

    Hugs to you!

    Lou Cinda

  14. Wow! How exciting! Can't wait to see your new blog.

  15. You were on a roll! Wow, your were the recipient of a few great giveaways. I can't wait to see how your makeover turns out.


  16. Congrats on your wins! I love them all and am totally jealous about the blog makeover.

  17. Jane,
    Congrats! You deserve everyone of them! You are someone I always count on for encouraging and kind words. In prayers... Dee Dee

  18. Lucky girl!!! Congrats on all your wins. I love the crown journal the best.

  19. Congratulations on all your wins! Awesome. It's going to be really fun for you to get a blog makeover too. Have a good day!

  20. Congratulations you lucky lady. You won some awesome giveaways! Can't wait to see your blog makeover.

    Have a wonderful day.

  21. Oh congratulations, Jane!! If anyone deserves these gifts- it you! You are so sweet all the time, and so supportive of everyone. I'm so happy for you! :)

  22. Hi Jane,
    Fun new winning treasures and can't wait to see your blog makeover!
    I am so sorry to read that your hubby has ALS..I've said a prayer for you an hubby...
    I should look for a MN plate. I'd only have 1 plate as I have lived here since birth.
    Take care.
    Deb :)

  23. Hi Jane,
    Congrats, on all of your winnings.. Isn't it ever fun. I tell you, I have been blogging nearly one yr.. and have met some of the most beautiful people on here..
    Enjoy all of your goodies!
    Come visit sometime.. I would love to have you.. hugs, Darlene

  24. Congrats on your winnings Jane! The blog makeover is an amazing prize. Can't wait to see the results. I'm so grateful that my daughter makes my banners, because I think, make that I KNOW, that I would drive someone else crazy trying to explain just what I wanted!

  25. Hi Jane,
    My but you are a lucky girl. What fabulous wins. I love the journal.
    Getting your blog makeover is really cool. I'm anxious to see it.

  26. Hi Jane,
    Congrats on all your winnings, you deserve them all and so much more!! I can't wait to see your new blog design, I popped over to her site and it looks like she does beautiful work!

  27. You lucky lady! All wonderful items and so well-deserved! Look forward to seeing the blog makeover. Sending warm wishes your way for a wonderful day! Peace & blessings, Tammy

  28. What a lucky girl you are winning 3 give aways, but it couldn't happen to a nicer person.
    Although I think your current header photo is very cute, I'm looking forward to seeing the revamped Mamie Jane soon.
    Bonne chance.

  29. What wonderful prizes. There have certainly been a lot of fun new memes. I've also enjoyed meeting a lot of bloggers through them.

  30. I love all those frames and crowns and yardsticks.

    Don't forget to come post any of your projects.
    I always love seeing what you come up with.



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