Thursday, April 1, 2010

By The Dozen Swap

Christine @ A Work in Progress hosted a fun swap recently and I could not have had a better swap partner!!  Christine matched us randomly but you would have thought that my swap partner was handpicked for me.  Cami @ Creating Myself created the most wonderful egg carton of goodies for me and based on what I received in the swap you would have thought she had known me for a long, long time.

For this swap we were to decorate an egg carton and then fill it with fun little presents for our swap partner.

Here's the outside of the decorated carton Cami sent me.
Isn't it beautiful?  The vintage image she used is her blog header.  I love that!  She added lace, tulle, flowers, a button and a lovely crystal tied to the front with lace.
The outside is beautiful but take a look at what was packed inside.
So much to look at!  I love the pocket that Cami created with a creamy ribbon, handstamped and embellished with a ribbon and hat pin and a vintage pearl button. 

Inside the pocket were several different laces.....
and this wonderful cdv photo.  And notice what's holding the photo.....a metal flower frog that I absolutely love!! (Yes it was in the egg carton too).  I have a small collection of flower frogs and I was so excited to add a new one to my collection.
And look at this tiny gold cherub standing on a crystal bead!  It's such a beautiful piece.  I will take really good care of this Cami.
Here are pictures of the other gifts in my carton.
Vintage earrings
A pocelain thimble
A fabulous soldered pendant (I read Cami's blog and she is new to soldering.  You would never know it by the look of this pendant).
A fun bottle cap pendant, personalized especially for me (and look at the beautiful dried roses!)
A strand of "pearls".
Beautiful seam binding, ribbon and flowers.
Wonderful buttons to add to my collection.
And a fun cut glass piece.
Can you see why it was like she was handpicked for me.  She included all things vintage that I love!!
Cami, thank you again for the time you put into creating this wonderful gift and for all of your generosity. 
I am creating a "blogger's shelf" in my studio to display all of the gifts I have received from the wonderful friends I have met through blogging.  This will be front and center!

Here's a look at the egg carton I decorated for Cami.  For more pictures of the carton and the goodies I placed inside please go visit Cami's blog here.  Cami is a very talented lady and has a beautiful blog!



  1. Jane, I LOVE the egg cartons. Wow! What little treasure boxes. I am headed to Camis to see what treasures you filled your carton to her with. What a fun swap!
    Have missed you at Trhifty Thursday, but I know how life gets in the way. Just want you to know. I have a post scheduled to run that features the gifts you gave to me. You are such a dearheart! I thankyou and am touched my your generous spirit.
    I just adore you, Jane!

  2. OMGosh! Is this the most darling swap I have seen in a long clever.

  3. What some egg-stra special cartons...adorable really! Both cartons are terrific.

  4. What darling egg cartons and such treasures in yours, all chosen with care, I especially like your bottle cap pendant...enjoy all the pretties...hugs, Linda

  5. Jane,
    What an excellent idea! I've never joined a swap before... but it looks like such fun!
    It truly does look like she made this just for you! so many pretty things! Happy Easter!
    Dee Dee

  6. You girls are so talented and sweet.. I have enjoyed reading both of your blogs today and looking at these wonderful egg cartons full of goodies!
    I saved a few cartons with plans to do something crafty with them so maybe next year I will try this.
    What a Happy start to Easter!

  7. Oh my...the creativity of you people is amazing!! Those egg cartons are beautiful. Who thought to embellish an egg carton???!!! Really fun idea. Thanks for showing us all of your goodies. Very sweet.

  8. that is the cutest ever!!! and all the much fun!

  9. Hi Jane,
    I love the idea of a blogger shelf! I have so many things in my workroom from bloggers and I love it all.
    Your egg carton is so sweet and amazingly creative! What goodies inside.

    And the one you made is fantastic too.


  10. Oh what fun things! So very pretty. I must go meet Cami.

  11. How pretty, Jane! Look at all those goodies! You could spend a whole day just looking through all that. Love the idea of using an egg carton.

  12. Those egg cartons are beautiful, say nothing of the contents!

  13. Wow!!!! I can't believe all of the treasures packed in that carton. Very nice for sure!!

  14. You both sent such wonderful items in your swap! What wonderful goodies!

  15. Hi Jane! These egg boxes are truly beautiful works of art!!! Cami's is great with all the goodies she included for you...and then I went to her blog to see what you'd made for her. All I can say is "Amazing"!!!
    Perhaps they'll do this again next year, and I'll play, too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Easter, my friend.

  16. How fun! I can't wait to go see what you made for Cami! Too cute!

  17. Hi Jane,
    What a fun exchange, and what a GORGEOUS collection of goodies you received!
    Happy day!

  18. That is so neat that you received such wonderful things. The egg carton idea was super. I love the way you decorated yours the handle on it is super cute idea.

  19. What a wonderful swap, Jane! You both spoiled each other! I love the flower frog as a picture holder! You always have such great ideas to use household items in a different way.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  20. Oh Jane you both were very creative and did a beautiful job! What a wonderful swap.

    Have a Blessed Easter.

  21. What a cool and creative swap. Who would have thought you could transform an egg carton into a work of art and have it overflowing with such great vintage pieces. Such fun!

  22. Talk about some fabulous photos! WOW!!!! You sure made my egg carton look good! Thanks for such a flattering post, Jane *blushing* ...we really did seem hand picked for each other, didn't we?

    I love your idea of a blogging shelf! But I'm gonna leave my egg carton on my work table to use for bits & pieces. I'm still loving the pin cushion idea...very clever! This was such a fun swap Jane & you were the perfect partner!

  23. Hi Jane! You are one lucky girl! First of all I love the idea of decorating an egg carton, so cool! The one you got is so pretty and yes my heart would be going a mile a minute if I opened it and saw all of the goodness inside! Now I going over Camis blog to see the rest of the pics of the beautiful one you sent her, you are sooooo talented! Have a beautiful Easter! Theresa

  24. Jane your gifts to Cami and from her are so lovely! I want to do this next year!!

  25. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with both of these egg cartons! You gals are endlessly creative!

  26. Oh wow! That is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. How creative & wonderful!

  27. Holy cow Jane, Cami really did an amazing job on this swap. The inside of the carton is beautiful...every little detail!!! The charm that she soldered is such a beautiful piece.
    I am in awe of all the creativity out here in the blogging community. Your pictures of this little treasure are stunning!

  28. What a fun what both of you did for each other - the effort you both put into this project shows in all the detail. Happy Easter!

  29. Wow! First I can't believe that's an egg carton and second I can't believe how many goodies were neatly inside. What a wonderful swap!

    Happy Easter! Jeanine

  30. Oh, I'm so happy you guys had a such a good time with your egg cartons. Both are so absolutely beautiful, and the contents are amazing and extravagant! Love the detailed pics you took. Have a wonderful Easter!

  31. Jane,
    that is so cool! I love the idea of exchanging. You were a match made in blogger heaven!
    smiles, alice

  32. This is absolutely darling! filled with so many amazing's just a treasure box.
    Have a wonderful Easter,

  33. ***GASP***
    Oh my gosh Jane...I'm dying here! oh heart!!!!
    This is absolutely PERFECT!!!! for you! What a treat! or should I say TREATS! Cami totally outdid herself...she IS a wonderful swap partner...I'm totally in awe here. She was so generous and gifted you with the most precious things!!!
    I've been gone and if this is what happens when I travel and miss everything...I'm NEVER leaving again! ;)
    I just love it!
    I'm going over to Cami's to see what you spoiled her with!
    Happy Easter dear friend!!!!!!!

    ps...are you still admiring it??? ;)

  34. wishing you a wonderful Easter Sunday!

  35. What a totally fun swap! Love the egg carton you received!

  36. Too cute!!

    Come see me again. It's been awhile.


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