Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nifty Thrifty....I'll Soon Be Turning Fifty....A Giveaway

Good Morning!

First, my thanks to Linda @ Coastal Charm for hosting her weekly Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party.  This fun event is a place where we get to show off some of our thrifty finds each week.  It also rhymes with my soon-to-be age so I couldn't resist the opportunity to announce my upcoming giveaway linking to Linda's party....plus the items in the giveaway will all be thrifty items I have purchased and/or repurposed using my thrifty finds.

The giveaway hasn't officially started (you'll see why in the pictures below) but here's my plan:  since I am turning 50 I am going to give one winner 50 items from my stash of vintage, thrifty items.  I haven't picked out all of the items yet but I'll post this Friday picturing everything soneone will win.

So why am I not organized enough to start the giveaway today?

In preparation of Karen @ My Desert Cottage second annual "Where Blogger's Create Party" on June 19th, I decided last evening to rearrange my studio.  Little did I realize what a mess I would create.  Here are a few pictures of  my "treasures" that are still in need of organizing.

See the picnic basket with the white handles in the bottom of the picture?  That is one of the giveaway items and it will be filled with all of the other 49 items.

Here's another picture.  Since my vintage clock collection is getting out of control I think one of those will be included too.
There is a lot of vintage lace in one of those containers....you can guess that some of that will be put in the picnic basket too.
So you can see I have a lot of work ahead of me to get my space ready for Karen's party.  If you're not aware of the event and want to show off your creative space, link over to Karen's blog here.

And be sure and come back on Friday to see what else will be included in the giveaway and to sign up to win. 

And now one last picture of something I found yesterday.  A huge bag of rolled thread and string ($1.00).  I love how it looks in a simple vase.
Happy NTT



  1. be still my heart!!! can I come over and help you clean up your studio space? it is filled with the most amazing things...I cannot wait for Friday :) and a very Happy Birthday to you sweetie!

  2. OH, I can't wait! What marvelous treasures you have.

  3. Love that little cupboard that has the diamonds on it...might that fit in the basket? - lol

  4. Jane,
    50 items for your GIVEAWAY? We all want to WIN this one...you have so many NIFTY THRIFTY treasures and how sweet of you to share them with all of us! HAPPY NTT!


  5. Wow, that's an awesomely (is that a word?) generous giveaway. Woo Hoo!!

    Fifty, said adios to that year 3 years ago. You are just a baby :)

  6. This is exciting!! I will stay tuned. Happy Early Birthday!

  7. WooHoo....what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!

    Love the balls of string. I remember when I was little my gramma collected string...you just used brown paper and string for everything. Things sure have changed...have the best day, hugs, Linda

  8. lol, your space looks just like mine...what will we do if its clean? how will we create?
    I am lovin' the treasures so far, can't wait! start celebrating your birthday week!

  9. Ooh Jane, I can hardly wait to see what you put in that darling picnic basket. What a fun giveaway and turning 50 ain't so bad, wait til 60 gets here girl!

    I love all your beautiful crafting lovelies. I'm working on my room too for Karen's party.

    I'll be back later to see what you are up to.


  10. Hi Jane,
    Well I sure enjoyed seeing pictures of your art space....organized chaos, right??!! You have tons of amazing treasures!!
    Happy day!

  11. Fun, fun, fun! Happy early birthday to you! Lots of goodies in your studio. Have fun organizing and likely finding lots of treasures you forgot you had. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  12. What an adorable basket, cannot wait to see what you put in it! I should be organizing my space to but just do not seem to have the energy to do it right now....soon, very soon. :o)

  13. This truly has to be the BEST giveaway I've ever seen in blogland! Count me in for sure and oh my goodness - you do have a lot of treasures! =)


  14. I LOVE the balls of string! Where on earth did you find those??? Lucky Dog!!

    AND I just turned 50 in February, so we are right there together sister!! So far....so good with hitting this mile marker!!

    And as for the give away!! If it was one of those you could enter over and over....I would!!

    Happy Birthday to you!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. Hi Jane! What a wonderful idea for your giveaway!! I know this basket will be full of fabulousness!!

  16. Wow, Jane! I wish I had as much room as you! I have my little corner of the garage that I plan on sharing at Karen's linky party, but that's where I create, so, there you go.

    I love that picnic basket. I just saw Manuela at The Pleasures of Homemaking used a picnic basket on her hall tree that she recently painted and filled it with flowers. It looked great. Very exciting and I'm looking forward to your giveaway!

  17. Well, the way my blogging life is going, I may not be "around" on Friday, so I will wish you a happy birthday now! I am hoping that my absent days are behind me and I will get back in the swing of things...soon!

    I must say, seeing your craft room has made me feel so much better! I have always been a tidy person, but since I've started thrifting my tidy days have been on the decline! I stress about it! I hate the clutter! Now I feel "normal." Thanks for showing it!

  18. So how many times will we be able to stuff the ballot box? I cannot wait for Friday! That last picture is magazine worthy, I love all of the string rolled up in balls and displayed in the vase. So chic! I signed up for the party and am slowly trying to destash so I can see MOST everything in this crazy workroom. Actually it's not a bad thing for me to clean it, now I can see what I've been stashing away! See you soon! Theresa

  19. Wow Jane, what an undertaking! Can't wait to see your studio all prettied up. And what a giveaway! It will be like Christmas morning for whoever gets to open that picnic basket! I acutally got hubby's attention for about 20 minutes last night showing him some of the ways you've displayed family photos and heirlooms. He was just as impressed as I am.

  20. Oh Baby!! Be still my ~♥~! Happy Birthday & what a great give-away. You're a sweetie & very generous. I love your blog & read it all the time. Thank you. :o)

  21. Jane,
    What a great studio! I will look forward to the "reorganized" reveal for Karen's party! (Although, I must say the way it currently is looks great too!
    How fun, a give-a-way and a Birthday! Love it!
    Dee Dee

  22. Jane this is such a beautiful mess! When mine's messy it just looks messy...but yours still looks gorgeous!
    This sounds like a wonderful giveaway that I won't want to miss.
    I do hope you have special plans for this milestone birthday.

  23. What fun! I just don't know how you come up with such great ideas of how to use those things!
    PS - I'll be 50 this year too - in November!

  24. Yeah Jane!! I am having 6 different giveaways for turning 60 and you are doing one wonderful giveaway with 50 items! That sounds like one wonderful gift! Congrats on the soon to be 50 (let me know the date ok?) Happiness is getting older with joy and enthusiasm.

  25. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY...It's wonderful :) I turned 55 this year :)
    I wish I had a craft room/studio to organize. Your looks great to me.
    It is very AWESOME of you to giveaway 50 treasures for your up coming birthday. Thank you.
    Deb :)

  26. Welcome to the club Jane, still looking good!
    Can't wait to have a "room" again, have all the plans but I have to wait until someone goes to college........

  27. Happy Happy Birthday!! My birthday is June 9 and I will be 57!

  28. Jane, I always like catching a glimpse of your studio, even if you think it's a mess! What an amazing giveaway this is going to be, full of lots of things that I love. You do know that I collect picnic baskets, right?!
    Have a great week!

  29. Wow, your shop looks full of wonderful goodies! The giveaway sounds like it will be FUN!! Can't wait...

  30. Jane, what day is your birthday? Mine is next week.

  31. Hi Jane, you always have such great ideas and you do such wonderful things with your finds. I can't wait to see your space. I signed up for Where Bloggers Create too. Unfortunately all my stuff is packed in boxes waiting to be moved to our new house. I was hoping to be moved in and done in time but I don't think I will. Maybe next year. I am looking forward to seeing all the creative spaces. Maybe I could pick up some ideas for mine. Have a great day.


  32. Okay, I don't feel totally alone in my messiness. ;-) I'm using Karen's event as motivation to get my space cleaned up...but don't know if it will happen. At least you have so much lovely cool stuff to look at. I know it will be fab when you've got it all decked out.

  33. what an amazing studio .. my kind of heaven.


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