Thursday, October 14, 2010

Industrial Chic

Margo @ Margo's Junkin' Journal is having a Industrial Chic Linky Party.
So what exactly is Industrial Chic?  Margo describes it as anything vintage factory, transit, manufacturing, medical or school related.

Now I don't think I've ever been labeled chic but today I'm going to give it a try.

My home doesn't lend itself to a total Industrial Chic look but I think I have managed to add a few accessory items to my home that fit the category of Industrial Chic.  Let me know what you think (the pictures are all staged in the same room because it was the only room with good light).

This weight was used in the early part of the 20th century to hold down stencils on an addressing machine that printed addresses on newspapers, mailing labels, envelopes, etc.
 It's perfect use now is as a paper weight.  I have it sitting on some of my old college letters on an ironstone platter.
 The platter is sitting on top of a vintage wood file holder.  I can imagine this being used at some time holding paperwork at an office or factory.
 I found this big Edison light bulb at a flea market.  It's sitting next to a small vase.
 I combined the two for an illuminating display (I just couldn't resist).
 This is one of my favorite pieces.  It is a vintage time card holder.  I can't imagine how many people clocked in and out of work pulling their time card from this holder.
 I'm using it for displaying old pictures, postcards and other ephemera.
 My vintage dress form surely saw a lot of use at a clothing manufacturer.  She has a date of 1962 on her size 18 frame.  
 I found two of these rusty machine parts at an antique store recently for $1.00 apiece.
I'm using one as a picture frame.
 And the second one is going to be used as part of a clock.  Here's a sneak peek.  It's not ready for it's big reveal yet.
I have no idea of the original purpose of this piece.
I unscrewed the top part off the base and have it on my work space holding my scissors.
 The base is now on display as a holder for some rolls of crochet thread.
 This German beer crate is the work horse in my studio, holding paints, brushes, glue, etc.
 I love the iron handles and the metal strapping on the sides.
 I posted about this muffler clamp turned picture holder in July but I'm picturing again because I think it fits the category of Industrial Chic.

And finally, my display of vintage hose nozzles on a "shelf" made from the handle of an old push lawn mower.
So there you have it.......the small touches of Industrial Chic in my home.
Is there any Industrial Chic in yours?
If there is, make sure to link to Margo's party.....if not, drop by Margo's blog and go visit some of the participants for some chic inspiration.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. wonderful treasures you have love the crate and gear frame.

  2. OMG Jane what wonderful projects, Thanks for being the First visitor to my little linky party.
    I love all, I mean ALL of your projects.


  3. These are perfect industrial chic, Jane!! I just love them all!

  4. Love your "industrial chic" treasures. I especially like the time card holder. I could totally picture that with a collection of postcards in the slots, or maybe in the kitchen with recipe cards?


  5. Oh Jane you've got Industrial Chic goin' on all OVER the place....I LOVE every piece in your GORGEOUS pics....!!

    If I had to pick a FAVE though, it would be the time card holder....I have a couple in my office but nowhere near as GORGEOUS as yours....!!

    I'm poppin' back to my place to save you as a fave so I can keep an eye on you....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  6. I love how you used all these. the Edison light bulb ROCKS!! I like how you displayed it.

  7. Oh man... was that ever fun! I love so many of these but that time card holder as a photo display is fabulous!

    Great collection!


  8. oh wow, loving it all but especially that old edison bulb, what a find!!

  9. Jane you certainly hit the industrial nail on the head!! All these pieces are so unique and I just love how you use them in your very chic home!!!

  10. Wow, Jane, you've incorporated Industrial Chic into your home wonderfully! I love all the new repurposing you've given these pieces. Lots of great ideas and I can't wait to see your finished clock!

  11. Hi Jane,
    Isn't it great that our love for this junk now has a sophisticated name...."Industrial Chic!"
    I love it!
    You are the Queen of Industrial Chic. Just look at all this good stuff. I have always loved your collection of hose nozzles and would love to start a collection. I think they are hard to find.
    Love how you used it all and can't wait to see the clock.


  12. You have some great pieces. I remember the hose nozzle post and think they are great. And now I am really in love with that crate you have. This is such a great idea for a linky party. I don't think I can participate but I can appreciate!

  13. Great collection! And you certainly used them very creatively.


  14. I love these! I don't know how you always think of how to do these things! Nice job!

  15. Uhmmm.... I couldn't tell you which of your items is my favorite - I want them ALL! LOL I LOVE the yarn holder thing - and the time card holder... I am drooling over it!!!

    Great GREAT Chicness going on!

    ;-D robelyn

  16. I absolutely love how you incorporated the industrial touches to your home! Super creative and original!!!

  17. All wonderful pieces Jane and I'm looking forward to that clock reveal!

  18. Wow! What wonderful pieces....I especially like the weight and the time card hold is a awesome find...hugs, Linda

  19. Hi Jane - thanks for your visit and your sweet comments! What great projects! My favorites are the time card holder and the beer crate! I could SO use both of those items around my farmhouse! You're so creative - I'll have to stop back by to check on some more of your projects!

  20. You have a such an eye for such great pieces and you incorporated them wonderfully. I am in love with your time card holder! Have a great weekend.


  21. I love your treasures. I really don't think I have any industrial chic! I sure enjoy looking at it!!

  22. Fantastic! Who knew all those things could be so chic? I love you can take just about anything and give it character and purpose. Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

  23. This is a great party! I love the time card holder! It is beautiful. Just think they are mostly computerized now. That is history!

  24. Jane I love how creatively you've used all these pieces. So very cool! I love them all, but if I had to pick one, it would be the muffler clamp picture frame.

  25. Wow. You have some fantastic stuff and your creativity with it is truly amazing! Really glad I found your blog!

  26. Great stuff; your "illuminating display" is awesome - love the old tape measure tied around it!

  27. You have the most amazing junk! And I mean that in the nicest way of course. The card holder is my favorite. But I'd love to get my hand on the old german beer crate. Love it!

  28. Such greatness. Hmmm. I have to look around my house. But, not as creative as you are.

  29. Jane you definitley have your industrial chic going on quite well. Loved all of it.

  30. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and your ability to see other "uses" for these great finds!!

    LOVE the lightbulbs!

    Lou Cinda

  31. Oh I love this stuff! I remember the hose nozzles from an earlier post and still think that they are so cool.

  32. Industrial Chic. I like that. Well, no Industrial Chic in my house, but my husband's basement is more like Industrial Mess! Does that count?

    Your prediction about those twirly scarves was right. I should have known--you're always spot on. My right hand is actually so sore from crocheting all day long! But I don't want to complain, because I appreciated my little bit of business this week.

    By the way, my parents just celebrated their 50th today. I thought of you and your past post about your parents. My mom and dad are on a cruise. Haven't heard from them today, but I'm not worried. They're having a blast!

  33. I don't have a single bit of industrial chic....but I sure am inspired to get some for myownself... :-)



  34. Hi Jane ~ A Party I seem to be Missing.... Love all Your Wonderful Industrial Chic Treasures~ I don't think the proper term for Industrial Chic is Sweet, But IT IS! Thanks for Stopping by & Kind Words ~ Your package is on it's way, I hope your going to EnJoy! xox Cheryl

  35. Love all your industrial.. especially the time card holder... love that!!

  36. You have some wonderful pieces and incorporated them so nicely into your home!! You are invited to join in on Vintage Love Saturday on my blog. This week the theme is vintage photographs. I'd love to have you join in sometimes.

  37. Jane, I am totally in awe of your creativity. I love how you can pick up any item and see usefulness. I love the muffler holder and really love the pic holder you made from the block of wood and metal plates....I have been visiting quite a few hardware stores since I first visited your blog. Thanks for stopping by..I feel honored!

  38. Ohmigosh! So many COOL things!! LOVE how you have repurposed these things! You are so creative and have great ideas! I LOVE the time card holder! And the muffler clamp thingy!

    Happy weekend!


  39. Hi Jane, Looks pretty chic to me!! Love it all, especially the dress form and the time card holder. Can't wait to see your clock when it's done!! smiles, Julie

  40. Jane- loved all your chic stuff! I too have a collection of edison bulbs - I put them all together on metal stands. I love your dress form and your creative photo displays...and thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog as well!
    amy of four corners design

  41. WOW Jane...I am loving your industrial chic post and have to say the card holder and vintage dress form are my 2 fav's for sure. What great ideas you have for photo displays! Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. Oh just wonderful! I particularly like the Edison lightbulb and the paper weight...very nice.

  43. Hi Jane, I love all your Industrial Chic items and you have been really creative with repurposing them! I adore the time card holder.
    xoxo, Sherry

  44. Hi Jane...
    Your photos and clever ideas for using your industrial items are really wonderful! I really enjoyed this post!

  45. Nope, My home here on the Ponderosa is more 'French Country' but I could sure do some industrializing if I'd go raid some of the old barns mixed with a little imagination. These are great and you've really got me thinkin'. Thanks!!! :o)

    Ya'll have a beautifully blessed 'fall' day!!!

  46. Oh my, you have an amazing gift to take ordinary objects and turn them into stunning works of art. My favorite was the muffler clamp turned display! I have a collection of hose nozzles and I love the way you dislayed yours.

  47. Hi
    Just come across your lovely blog- I have a few industrial chic things - some shoe moulds - and old french wine baskets - not terribly industrial.
    But you have taken such great photos. I think I will have a cup of tea and read through lots of your old posts!
    love Jill from a very wet Devon in the UK.

  48. I had never heard that term before, but now after reading your post, I think I have an idea what it is about. You seem to have quite a collection already. Enjoyed seeing how you used each piece. I will stop by the blog you mentioned to get a better idea. I just may have some industrial chic and don't know it. LOL

  49. Okay, this is right up my this stuff. Too bad it's so "chic" these days making it more difficult to find at decent prices. You have some wonderful things, and I so admire your ability to transform them. ;-)

  50. Wow Jane, I just love your vintage dress form. She make a size 18 look GREAT! ;)

    All of your wonderful industrial items are great! My favorite is the old time card's perfect for holding old photos!!! I love it!


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