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Papier Mache Christmas Cone Tutorial

A few days ago I pictured a papier mache Christmas cone I created inspired by a picture I saw on June's blog, Laughing with Angels.
This is the inspiration photo from June's blog.
When I saw the cones on June's blog they looked to be made out of the papier mache material I used years ago when I created papier mache Santa's.  I haven't made a Santa in many, many years but I still had a 5 lb. bag of the Celluclay II Instant Papier Mache I used to make them.  This 5 lb. bag cost me $19.95 around 15 years ago.  I'm not sure of the price now but it can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  It is also available in 1 lb. packages (I made 3 cones with less than 1 lb.)
The cones really are very simple to make.  Once you get the feel for the papier mache you will be cranking these out in no time!

In addition to the Celluclay II papier mache you will need a cardboard cone (I found these at Michael's.  They came in 3 sizes and I used the medium sized cone) and some Mod Podge.
The first step is to cover your cone with Mod Podge and let it dry.  Since the papier mache is wet, this step helps protect the cone from absorbing the water from the papier mache.

While the Mod Podge is drying you can make a batch of papier mache.
Following the directions on the Celluclay package, mix the dry papier mache product with the appropriate amount of water.
This is a picture of the dry, powdery papier mache before water.
Here's a picture of the papier mache with water added, ready to be used.
 Now it's just a matter of adding the papier mache to the cone, covering the entire cone.  (The thickness of the papier mache on the cone is probably around 1/4").

Have a warm bowl of water nearby to keep your hands wet as you add the papier mache to the cone. 
 Once you have completely covered the cone it is drying time.  I let my pieces air dry and it will take a couple of days to completely dry.  If you want to speed up the drying time there are instructions included in the package of papier mache for drying in the oven on a very low temperature.

Here are the dry cones.

At this point I wanted to add a papier mache embellishment like I saw on June's cones.  
I find it easier to add the embellishment after the cone has dried because the cone is much easier to handle dry than wet.  But you could add the embellishment at the same time you cover the cone if your prefer.

I took some of my leftover mixed papier mache (you can store unused mixed paper mache for days in a ziplock baggy in the refrigerator) and rolled it out to approximately a 1/4" thickness.
 Using a cookie cutter I cut out my shape.  I used a heart on one cone and stars on the other two.  Place the embellishment on the cone and blend the edges of the embellishment into the cone (make sure to have a bowl of water handy to help blend).
Now more drying time.

Once everything is dry, drill a small hole on both sides for a ribbon or wire hanger. 

At this point you can leave the cone as is or paint it.  The papier mache has an antique white color to it so I left it as is.  I also chose to dress the cone up a bit with some lace but this step is entirely up to you.  Since the top edge of my cone looked a little unfinished, I added some vintage lace to cover the edge.  I also added a second piece of lace with a Christmas ribbon slide for additional embellishment.
Here's one of my finished cones with some greenery and pipe cleaner candy canes added.

There are so many ways you could decorate these cones.  If you decide to make some be sure and let us see how they turn out.

And if you really get into covering things with papier mache, you can give these a try.  

These are some Santa figurines and ornaments I made back in the '90's.  
Using the same basic instructions as used for the cone, cover a styrofoam shape with papier mache and then add all the features.  After they are dry, paint as desired.  

Hope this tutorial is helpful.  If you have any additional questions just let me know.

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  1. Love your Christmas cones and the way you have embellished them too! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial! Happy Holidays! :)

  2. Hi Jane, The Christmas cones are wonderful and thanks for the tutorial. Your santas are the cutest little things. I hope you will join my linky party on 12/15. Happy Holidays!

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    Have a wonderful evening.

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  7. Hi Jane,
    This is a great project that I would love to do. All I have to do now is find the time.

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  47. Finally! I bought 2 Santa's years ago made from papier mache. Always wanted to make them but did not know how. Can you please give me more info on making the Santa's.
    example like shape, form, etc.

    Thank you
    great site


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