Thursday, December 2, 2010

Incorporating Vintage Pieces into Holiday Decorating

What a busy time of year this is for the holiday blog parties!  I am linking to several of the parties today and they are listed at the end of the post.  Let me know if there are any I am missing.

I spent some time decorating in my dining room last night using a mix of vintage Christmas ornaments and everyday vintage pieces.  
The base for my vignette was the vintage printer's drawer I turned into a tray.  I posted about it here. 
Using several of the vintage pieces I had in my fall display, I switched out the autumn colors for the traditional red and green of Christmas.

An ironstone bowl filled with red and green Shiny Brite ornaments.
 A vintage shoe form nestled among some greens.
 Three vintage ornaments sitting on silver napkin rings with a Homer Laughlin pitcher displayed behind them.  They are all being reflected by a round antique mirror.
 A second antique mirror displays a rooster planter made in Japan holding some old silver forks, a Santa creamer, and a vintage winking Santa.
 A tarnished cream and sugar bowl sitting atop a small ironstone platter displays more vintage ornaments.
 Three antique wood mashers are transformed for the holiday with red and green ribbon.
 An ironstone platter displays a pitcher with more old silverware, another winking Santa, and a holiday letter "E" (one of my collections) which is a new gift from my SIL (thanks Susie from Des Moines).
 The vignette also includes a thrift store wreath embellished with another "E" and one of the Santas from my collection.
The display is anchored by a little silver tree on the left.
And a small white tree (thrift store find this week for $1.00) sitting in a silver champagne bucket on the right.
 I really enjoyed incorporating all of my vintage and thrift store finds into my decorating.

And if you're wondering why I didn't show the vignette from the front....this mess on the dining room table is in my way!  The plan is to get the decorating finished this weekend and the mess put away.....we'll see.
Happy Friday!

I'm joining the following parties:
Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality for The Christmas Vignette party
Debra @ Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday
Linda @ A La Carte for Junkin Finds Friday
Chania @ Razmataz for The Vignette Photo Challenge
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  1. Jane this is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS & my eyes are Christmas Green with envy at your YUMMY selection of ironstone pieces....hahahahaha....Well I DO like to accessorise.... :o) !!

    Take care Lovey & have a WONDERFUL weekend....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Hi Jane, everything looks just wonderful!... I love the old wooden mashers!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I love the printers drawer for the tray of the vignette, great idea!!!
    Whoa that dining room looks like you have your hands full
    Good luck with the decorating you are off to a great start

  4. Love your idea of mixing vintage pieces with the Christmas decor and you did it beautifully! I think we all have that same scenario on the dining room table:)

  5. Hi Jane,
    What a lovely vingette you have created using your treasured vintage pieces. I love the addition of the sweet white tree. It's all so lovely.


  6. Great vignettes! Those wood mashers remind me of when I used to tie red ribbons around all my antique kitchenware...choppers and utensils of every kind! Fun times! By the house looks just the same as your dining room...have to make a huge mess in order to see what you have to work with...then it gets cleaned up and looks oh so pretty!

  7. I just knew you would create some beautiful holiday displays!! I love your tree in the silver bucket!

  8. Vintage pieces make everything more special, don't they??

  9. Wow Jane,
    That turned out so wonderful. I love the printers drawer and the red and green balls. LOVELY!!
    PS. best part is you showing the messy table, Those kind of normal things make me happy!

  10. LOL... Jane! I love that you posted the picture of the table full o stuff. Way to keep it real :)

    You know I love everything vintage and this is the perfect combination! I'm pining (no pun intended) over the antique wood mashers.

    Well done!

  11. Jane, please join Chania's photo challenge at Razmataz. This post is perfect for it! Love all the sivler pieces mixed with the vintage Christmas bling. merry♥O

  12. Really like your vintage vignette!
    As far as the table - looks organized to me. :D You should see right now.:D
    Enjoy your evening.

  13. Jane -
    Everything looks beautiful. And don't worry about the table...we all have that during this time of year. My mess is spread out over my living room :)

  14. Do you ever sleep?? Oh how you amaze me with all you wonderful ideas and decorating. Thank you for sharing!!

  15. My dear, you do indeed have the magic touch with decorating with vintage pretties! I take my hat off to you. You surprise me again and again. This is so gorgeous!

  16. I love your tray and the items you have chosen to display in it. So interesting and beautiful.

  17. You incorporate everything together so nicely! Some people just have the touch and you my friend definitely have the touch!


  18. Oh Friend,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas vignettes with us, they are delightful!
    Hope your Holiday is a Blessed one!!

  19. Jane you are the best at adding this and that and making an amazing vignette. I love your dining room table, my whole house looks like that right now...but I'm working on it! Thanks for joining JFF!

  20. Jane, I had trouble posting comment on your last post or two,my computer is not behaving at the moment! Suffice to say you are a genius at this craft lark! I loved what you did with the window frame and also I love your vintage ornaments,I remember something similar from home years ago,those ones with the recessed spaces (you know what I mean!?) Love them! I enjoyed the mantle party lots of ideas there too! Christmas is just too busy in blogland I must get to some baking,decorating,cleaning but ooohh its so hard to drag myself away from this computer!

  21. Jane, that vignette on that old tray is wonderful. I love the ironstone with the red and green balls added. Such a great mix. I laughed when I saw your table. My kitchen and dining tables are still covered. I am going to get mine finished, too. Have a good one.

  22. Hi Jane:
    I love your decorations! Such beautiful, vintage touches. Thanks for visiting Brynwood. I'm so sorry I haven't responded sooner. I've got a lit of things to make as gifts, so I'm behind on my correspondence. I promise to do better soon!
    Hugs from FL,

  23. Jane-
    You have been busy and everything looks wonderful.
    I love your ornaments!

    White Spray Paint

  24. Glad to know that you are one of us, messy!
    Well, your table isn't messy, just full.
    Your decorations are inspiring

  25. Your dining room table looks like my pool table, Jane! : ) I've got to get it all cleaned up this weekend;final tweaking and all! I love the way you've set up this vignette and incorporated some of your collections. I've added some ribbon to a few of my everyday items that I want to leave out and it helps tie them into the holidays.

  26. Jane those are stunning little vignettes, and awesome pictures too. I felt like I could touch them. Nice collection!

  27. Love your vintage stuff! A fabulous vignette!!!

  28. What alot of Eye Candy all in one tray! Such a good idea using the tray sections for multiple vignettes that all work so well together. Love the christmas ornaments in the napkin rings! I'm over from Lindas Junkin Friday Finds, and I really enjoyed visiting your blog.

  29. I love it, Jane...why is it when you do a vignette with so many different things it comes out beautiful, but when I use the same things it looks like I am having a yard sale!

  30. I love your vignette, you really know how to mix it up with your magic touch. I love all of your vintage ornaments and the ironstone is beautiful!


  31. You marry the most interesting partners in your decorating. I love that!

  32. I am loving it... You are MUCH neater when you're doing the decorating than I am! Holy moly... I can make one BIG 'ol mess.

    Warm hugs,

  33. The tray such a good idea. With such a display al eyes would turn from what needs to still be done.

  34. A pretty, happy slice of REAL life!

  35. Wonderful idea with the napking rings, going to add that to my dining room table. Once again, Jane to the rescue with great ideas!

  36. I just might have to copy the ornaments in the silver sugar and creamer for my hutch!!! It looks great and thanks for being "honest" about the mess. I have posted how my house looked during the process!

  37. Good morning, Jane,

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh my goodness sakes alive, I love it all. It's just so pretty and gives me some nifty ideas of what to add to some of my Christmas displays. I love the vintage bulbs. They had such a gorgeous and festive touch.

    I hope you have a very wonderful holiday season,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  38. Can you just throw a red tablecloth on the table and call it a day? I'm a little envious of your $1.00 white tree. It looks beautiful in that ice bucket. And of course I am excited with the Shiny Brites.

  39. Bless you Jane, for going there and showing the dirty side of Christmas decorating! I hate all of the boxes that have to sit around until it's all done, don't you? I love how you've used all of your vintage treasures to make this vignette. It's stunning!
    Happy Weekend!

  40. Oh my goodness, how I did I get so far behind on all of your posts! Love all of your vintage decorating details. I'm dragging things up from the basement one at a time that I don't have anything "finished" to show off. So I'll just admire yours. Gorgeous mantel in your basement and so festively decorated. Your home looks so warm and welcoming...perfect for a holiday visit. ;-)

  41. Oh Jane...this is over-the-top beautiful! I LOVE it!!! I love the little unexpected things like the potato mashers.
    I laughed about your mess. That is what the computer desk looks like at my house. I have got to get the decorating done so I can get the room back.
    big hug

  42. Jane your Christmas vignette is simply beautiful. I just love how you incorporated all those vintage pieces in. Thanks for sharing a part of Christmas with all of us.

    Enjoy your day,

  43. Vintage and beautiful. Thanks for the detailed descriptions - it made it all the more interesting.

  44. I almost missed this post! And it is SO wonderful!! Just love your vignette, it displays so many wonderful collectibles...just charming! And my dining room table looks just like yours!

  45. Beautiful Jane ~ Love seeing the Traditional Red & Green, seems rare lately..... Love how you used the silver napkin rings as a base for the Old Ornaments, So Clever!

  46. It all looks great-I love the white tree and the printers drawer. You put it all together perfectly.

  47. I love how you incorporated everyday items into this gorgeous vignette!! From common to extraordinary!! I love it all!! Julie

  48. Hey Jane, you do red and green just perfectly! Wonderful vintage vignettes and just love seeing your dining room table!! Looks like my house!

  49. I adore how you used unexpected items in your vignette and you can never go wrong with vintage ornaments! By the way, my dining room table looks exactly the same! I even have shiny brite boxes stacked up on top!

  50. hey, let me at that table.... that looks like fun for me to rid up...Another western PA term... ; D

    I have the time, the garage is all back to pretty ...



  51. I love your wooden mashers/mallets. I have a basket with darning eggs and mashers in it. I tied their handles with ribbon too. This year I wanted things to look festive, but I was also trying to simplify the holiday decor process by leaving more of my everyday things out. So I used the old ribbon trick. :-)

  52. I love your Christmas display. I've been thinking about doing something a little different this year and I think you have provided the inspiration. Your dining room table, rest assured you aren't the only one that decorates that way. When I decorated for fall I contemplated taking a picture of the dining room table for my fall blog post and I thought, no, that is crazy. So in the end, I didn't. I will next time though. Thanks for sharing. :) Jen


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