Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yardstick Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

Yes....it's another yardstick project. 

There's just something about old yardsticks that appeals to me.  Whenever I see one for a good price it comes home with me.  

Today's yardstick project uses four yardsticks to create a "tree" to display Christmas cards or photos.
 This is a simple project to make with very few supplies.  

Materials needed:
4 yardsticks
6 nuts and bolts
Hangers for cards or photos 

The first step is to cut the yardsticks for the branches of the tree.  
Only two of the yardsticks will need to be cut so take the other two yardsticks and put them aside (the uncut yardsticks will be used for the base of the tree and the bottom branch).   
Take the third yardstick and cut at the 28" mark.  Put aside both the 28" piece and the leftover 8" piece.
Take the fourth yardstick and cut at the 20" mark.  Put this piece aside.  Cut the remaining 16" piece so that you have a 12" and a 4" piece.

You now have 7 pieces for the tree (2 - 36" pieces, a 28" piece, a 20" piece, a 12" piece, an 8" piece and a 4" piece).  

Assemble as follows (I didn't take pics of each step but you can refer to the finished tree in the first photo):

1.  Take one of the 36" yardsticks and lay it vertically with the 1" mark at the top.  This is the base of the tree.
2.  Take the second 36" yardstick and center it horizontally at the 32" mark of the base yardstick. Drill a hole through both pieces and attach them with the nut and bolt.
3.  Take the 28" piece and center it horizontally at the 26" mark of the base yardstick.  Drill holes and attach.
4.  Take the 20" piece and center it horizontally at the 20" mark of the base yardstick.  Drill holes and attach.
5.  Take the 12" piece and center it horizontally at the 14" mark of the base yardstick.  Drill holes and attach.
6.  Take the 8" piece and center it horizontally at the 8" mark of the base yardstick.  Drill holes and attach.
7.  Take the 4" piece and center it horizontally at the 2 1/2" mark of the base yardstick.  Drill holes and attach.

Now all you need to do is add some clothespins to hold your cards and/or photos.
I had these small clothespins that I found in the office supply section of Walmart.  They come 12 to a package for around $1.99.  I only had 12 on hand and need to go back and buy some more.  I'm guessing that I will use approximately 30 clothespins for my tree.
Glue the clothespins to the "branches" of the tree.  Once the glue has dried the tree is ready to be displayed with your holiday cards, photos or ephemera.
I cut a star out of an old cutter quilt and simply poked a small hole in it and placed it on the nail that the tree is hanging from.
I also added painted house numbers and draped them off the first branch of the tree.
I could also see using cup hooks in place of the clothespins and using this tree to display ornaments.  Or nail small tacks into the yardsticks and use the tree to display tags or numbers for an advent calendar.

Well I think I've pretty much used up my stash of yardsticks.  So rest easy....no more yardstick projects!

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  1. oh my gosh darn ... you must wake up in the night with these brainstorms


  2. What a sweet idea! This would look great with a collection of vintage Christmas cards!

  3. Jane, you always make the neatest things out of those yardsticks. Love it.

  4. Jane, you are full of great ideas! How many yardsticks do you have in that stash? This makes me want to start searching for old yardsticks. ;-)
    Enjoy the day! ~ Sarah

  5. This is damn gorgeous, I truly love this recycled craft :) Tomorrow I'm having a holiday link share, I'd love it if you added this craft!

  6. Oh, I just love this! It's fantastic!


  7. I am amazed by you! You never cease to blow me away with your ideas. Keep 'em coming.

  8. This is such a cute idea! My favorite card holder, by far! I was going to make a jute webbing one but I like this more!

    Very creative and great tute! xx

  9. another amazing creation!!!! love this idea!!

  10. Love this project! I have a small collection of sticks, but I don't think I could bear to cut them. Could you come over and do it for me? ;0)

  11. I love your creative ideas! You come up with so many. I wish I had some yardsticks!!

  12. I am in LOVE with this!!!!You are so clever.

  13. You need to get more yardsticks. :) I LOVE your yardstick projects! This tree is just great. I just bought yardsticks on Saturday, in fact. I think I'm going to try to make something out of them for my Dad for Christmas!

  14. That is such a great project! I'm eyeballing that cute fabric Christmas ornament card too...

  15. Clever Tree Jane..... I Love that Idea, Heck I always love ALL your ideas....
    Keep those clever gears of Your Creative Mind working *<<<<-

  16. Great idea. Keep them coming. I love a good yardstick project.

  17. Jane, I love that you used old yardsticks to make this. I have seen similar ones (Swedish Christmas trees), they are usually painted red.
    Do you ever go down to Good Ju Ju on the first weekend of the month?

  18. Hey Jane! Another fantastically fabulous idea. And you so deserved to win the giveaway you previously posted about. Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday. :) Tammy

  19. Don't stop using yard sticks! I just love to see what you make with them. And this one is a winner too! What an excellent idea. I might even be able to handle this one. But I'd probably try hot glue. I'm just not good with the "nuts and bolts" thing. But then it wouldn't be nearly as cute. So I'll just stare at yours. You could decorate it for different holidays!

  20. I would be very pleased to just hang it empty too! I reeeeeeally like this. You know I think we are kindred spirits. Every year we go to the state fair the kids know that we are on a mission for yard sticks. (around here anyway, free yardsticks used to be common free at fairs). I've never crafted with them and never really thought about it until your blog. I just really like yard sticks!

  21. I've enjoyed your yardstick projects. This one is adorable!

  22. How cute...old yardsticks...who knew!!! I love it and your blog!!!

  23. I'm totally stealing this idea! I love it! I painted an old shutter years ago and that what I use for my cards.

  24. great project jane and it has so many uses for after christmas is over.
    I am just like you, I have to grab every yardstick I see, that is why I am sure TSA was like,"what the heck is this girl doing with a bag full of yardsticks?"

  25. First the star, now this. I love it! You are so creative.
    Have a great week.

  26. You are the yard stick Queen!!! I love this holder, and it is versatile, could do an advent to, this is great!!!

  27. Love it! I'll be looking for yard sticks!

  28. Totally cool....adding this for next year's projects!! I will say it once again you amaze me and I love visiting here!

  29. Recycle...Reuse...Rejoice!

    Love it!!

  30. The 25 at the top is amazing! Such a good use of yard sticks.

  31. That's a great project, Jane. I love you use of yard sticks. It makes for a wonderful Christmas display

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  34. You have the best ideas! Soooooo I was casually browsing through a new magazine that I ordered today... you may know the one, 'Vintage Charm'... and what do I see, my good friend Jane's creative cabinet cards!!! Imagine my excitement in seeing a whole page dedicated to your fabulousness! CONGRATULATIONS!!! They could do a whole magazine on the wonderful ideas and inspiration you have shared with all of us!! Theresa xoxo
    and then I saw Carol too and I'm thinking I am friends with some pretty cool and famous people! you guys rock! xoxo

  35. What a fabulous idea - I love the rulers! You are super creative indeed!


  36. This is fabulous - thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring project!

  37. What a cute idea! I love the rulers and the layout!


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