Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage Wood Slaw Cutter Update

One of my favorite thrift stores is in my hometown.  I don't get there very often but my Mom and I were able to make a trip there last Friday.

Nothing in the store is priced.  You just accumulate what you want to buy and take it to the cashier.  She looks at the pile and gives you a total (very inexpensive) price for all of your stuff. 

On Friday I purchased a big bag of goodies for $4.00.
My bag included a brass hose nozzle, great old phonics cards, several mother of pearl belt buckles, fabric, a "Made in Japan" white vase, a frame, a bag of dominos, 2 vintage dress patterns, and this vintage wood slaw cutter.
I loved the patina of the wood on this piece and I had an idea to update it and give it a new life.

I found a piece of fabric, some brown crochet thread and a scrap of foam core board in my studio.
I cut the foam core board to fit inside of the slaw cutter.  I covered it in fabric (I just taped it to the back of the foam board) and then took the crochet thread and began wrapping it around the covered board, spacing the thread approximately 1/4" apart.
I then glued the wrapped board to the slaw cutter and added a label holder and some hooks to the bottom.

What was once a slaw cutter is now a memo board for pictures or notes.
The pictures are held in place by tucking them under the thread.
This project was very easy and took less than an hour to make.
It was also a very thrifty project so I'm linking to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday hosted by Linda @ Coastal Charm.
Linda throws a great party and she is also having a giveaway.
Link back to Coastal Charm and check it out.

I'm also linking (a little late) with Stephanie Lynn @ Under the Table and Dreaming for Sunday Showcase.
If you're looking for inspiration link back to Stephanie Lynn's blog.  Over 400 projects have been linked this week!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Very clever! I have 2 slaw cutters in my garage waiting for a new you've got me thinking :) Laurel

  2. Very nice. Now me, I would have stuck it up on a shelf the way it was....but it is so pretty and useful now!

  3. How beautiful and are such a creative lady. One of my favorite ladies to watch what you are doing.
    thanks for sharing,

  4. Oh my gosh Jane, I just love coming here but what I really want to do is go thrifting with you and then spend all day making 'new' stuff! That is such a great memo board, I love it! It sounds like you found some really great treasures, I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Happy Monday! xoxo

  5. What a great project, I LOVE this! TFS, Nan

  6. How do you find the time for all of this wonderful creating?
    You always have the best keepsake memo board ideas Jane.
    AND WOW, now that is a thrift store I could love.
    Sounds like heaven.

  7. LOVE this! Can you bottle some of your creativity and send it my way? ;)

  8. You are so crafty and imaginative! I love what you did with that piece. Who would've thought? I guess u! Thanx for sharing. Keep Junkin'.
    Tiff at The Cranky Queen

  9. What a great idea! It looks so good. Gives me ideas ....... you are certainly very creative!

  10. That's smart! Love the fabric and thread. Never would have thought of that but it looks great. So creative!

  11. I'll never look at a slaw cutter in the same light. You're so creative! I like that you could use any fabric to fit your color scheme. Love this!

    Have a super week! :)

  12. This is wonderful. So creative and so fun.

  13. that sounds like a WONDERFUL kind of store to have close!! I think I'd be there every day. =)

    barbara jean

  14. Wow, I wish my brain worked like yours! Such a creative, original, and great looking project!

  15. There you go again, Jane. You have a creative idea for everything. Love this! ~ Sarah

  16. Love it!!! I have said it a million times, already, but... WHY oh WHY can't I find a thrifty store like that?? ;) Glad you get all the good deals though, CLEARLY you know just what to do with them!!! :)

  17. love it! you always come up with the coolest ideas for re-purposing junk!
    And I mean that as the highest form of flattery...he he he...


  18. Jane,
    I really like what you did with the slaw cutter. I had no idea what it was! I will be on the look out for one now. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Vicky

  19. That is just so darn clever!! And the thread makes the fabric look pleated from a distance. That thrift store sounds like it is the Bomb!!

  20. oh my!!! I Love this!! So creative! Amazing

  21. Can I borrow your brain? Your ideas are just so amazing!

  22. Love that fabric. Wonderful way to display anything. I thought it was pleated at first too. Like the twine.

  23. Once again, you've outdone yourself. Can I borrow your brain for a week? how about a day?

  24. wow amazing! I love it..your very inventive I am envious!

  25. Perfect repurpose for that board. Great job. You are so clever, would have never thought to do that one.

    Have a great day.

    Hugs, Deb

  26. That looks great, Jane! I would not have had any idea seeing that piece that this is what you could do with it. I love it! Great fabric and I also love the label holder and hook addition. This would be a great piece for those narrow walls that never seem big enough for a picture.

  27. Jane, you are so incredibly GOOD!

  28. Jane,
    How I would love to go thrifting with you! What great buys! Love your new project!
    Dee Dee

  29. Hafta say that my mouth is still hanging open after reading your last three posts!!! You really do amaze me and I LOVE your style! Your mantel displays look so springy! Thanks for sharing, Julie

  30. HOW DO YOU DO IT!!
    I want to be inside you head!
    You are so amazing!!

  31. First I love the concept of that thrift store!

    Second...where do you come up with these ideas!! Some magazine better scoop you up quick for their idea section or diy section!

  32. Very pretty Jane. I love it.


  33. Well how clever is that! I'm saving this idea to my favorites. I have 2 of these cutting boards and this would be perfect.

  34. Amazing [as usual].
    I look forward to seeing what you do with the old phonics cards.

  35. Jane,
    Thanks so much for coming to my party with this super neat the fabric that you used!!


  36. Jane, I'm a new follower. I love your ideas, and am disgusted I just passed up one of these slaw cutters. (go figure) I love all the repurposing you do! Thanks for sharing. Jen


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