Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Memories

I am rerunning this post from last year because it was one of my favorite Easter projects.  
The display brings back a lot of wonderful memories of how we celebrated Easter when I was growing up.
Happy Easter!

This was my family in 1965.  Quite the crew!
My Mom made the dresses that my sisters and I are wearing and hand embroidered the flowers on the front.  Since black and white pictures were the norm for this time period you can't see that each dress was a different color.  I am on the left (with my Toni perm) in an orange dress, my sister Theresa is in the middle wearing a lavender dress, and my younger sister Peggy has on a mint green color dress.

I'm mentioning the color of the dresses because the vintage Easter item I want to share today is the rosary I received that Easter to match my dress.
This rosary was a special gift from one of my mother's good friends.  She had this rosary made for me and one for each of my sisters to match the color of our dresses.  I've had this rosary for 46 years and it is a very loved possession.

This year I decided to display the picture and rosary as part of my Easter decorations. 
I have a tall, flat vase that I used as the foundation of my display.
I framed a copy of our 1965 family Easter photo in a vintage frame and placed it in the vase on top of a bed of orange paper shreds.  I made a small "Easter 1965" tag and placed it on the frame.  I added a ribbon and vintage belt buckle to the bottom of the vase and then draped my rosary over the front of the vase.
A simple Easter display with a lot of wonderful memories.

I'm linking with Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors for the Saturday Nite Special link party.
The theme this week is Easter.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.



  1. Hi Jane:
    What a beautiful way to honor your family and the sweet Easter memories. I remember this post from last year, and thought the rosary was a generous gift from your family friend. (Perhaps you'd like to link this post up to my Memory Lane Monday, too? I'll have the post and link up at 10 pm Sunday night and would love to have you join us.)
    Happy Easter to you and yours,
    Donna, Kes and Fezzik (Handsome, too!)

  2. I Love this post Jane, Memories are so Sweet to remind us of Family. Love how you are displaying this.... You always share the Best ideas~ Happy Easter to You

  3. Easter greetings from Normandy, Jane.
    I too remember this post from last year and it is still one of my favourites.

  4. This wins the prize! The best! My favorite!
    Happy Easter Jane

  5. Good Morning, Jane,
    I love the picture of you and your family. It is a precious keepsake, along with your warm memories.

    Easter Blessings ~Natalie

  6. Such a sweet picture, love the dresses! Reminds me of the ones mom made us back in the day!
    Happy Easter...HE is risen!

  7. Oh Jane I don't know which I LOVE more....This BEAUTIFUL homage to your Family & the fond memories you hold from this time or the fact that we're BOTH 46....hahahahaha....Up until now I had not been overly happy about THAT fact at all....!!!!!

    I hope you & your Family enjoy a WONDERFUL Easter....PLEASE take care if you're out & about....!!

    Warmest wishes from Australia,
    Tamarah xxx

  8. Jane
    have loved reading your blog and didn't see this last year, so it was a real treat. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your family. Memories are so important.
    Hope you won't mind if I share one of mine with you

  9. Such a great story behind a pretty display. Looks like we're in the same age bracket since we have the same black and white photos.
    Ah, memories.

  10. Memories like this are worth keeping all those years and displaying for everyone to see.

  11. What a great way to display the precious photo and rosary! Those dresses in the different colors were adorable, no doubt. Nice looking family!

  12. You have such great ideas. ....And they are always filled with such great items. And yes, I too wore those special handmade dresses (and capes!!) that were varied colors. What great memories! Lori L

  13. Jane, what a memory and you honored it so beautifully! Have a blessed Easter!

  14. Easter Blessings! What an adorable way to display your Easter memories. What a beautiful family.

  15. I remember the days of pastel homemade dresses and ruffled bobby socks. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

  16. Very sweet, and it shows such great memories!

  17. What a simple idea that makes a great display of memories! I think I will try this, thanks for the idea.

  18. it's sweet and beautiful. thanks for shirring it with us again and for showing us how you've chosen to display it this year. so lovely. happy Easter!

  19. Jane, I'm happy you shared this again. It is one of my favorites. I love to see family photos from years past. The fact that your mom embroidered each of these dresses is very special. Your photo brings back sweet memories of my own Easter dresses as a child. It was always a special feeling to wear a new Easter outfit. ;-)
    Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

  20. You have given that photo and its memories a place of honor. What a great idea. Happy Easter....and when on earth would your mother have had the time to be sewing dresses. My gosh.

  21. Jane, I didn't see this before. I love the family picture and how you brought it together with the rosary. Happy Easter. ♥O

  22. So very sweet and just wonderful!!

  23. Beautiful and touching post, Jane. Happy Easter!

  24. Priceless! Happy Easter Jane to you and your family!

  25. Easter Blessings to you Jane!
    Love the family photo and your unique way of displaying it! Very precious keepsake.

  26. What a sweet family photo! Love the rosary...sweet memories...Happy Easter and Blessings...Tiff from The Cranky Queen

  27. querida amiga Felíz Pascua de Resurrección!!


    junto al amor de Jesús

  28. HI Jane,
    I loved reading this post and seeing the photos of your family's '65 Easter...what a beautiful way to display it. I can't imagine how your Mom found the time to hand embroider each of these dresses with six children to care for. My Mom sewed Easter dresses for four girls too...such wonderful family memories. Your blog is a treasure...I love every post!
    Happy Easter to you and your family,

  29. Jane, I remember this....and I adore it as much today as I did then. What a treasured memory!!!! And so beautifully displayed! You soooo inspire me! Love ya! Happy Easter!!!

  30. Hi Jane, I remember those Toni perm rods well. I look like Shirley Temple in my first grade school photo. :) What a lovely family photo and such beautifully made dresses. The rosaries to match are such a special touch. Lovely display! Best wishes and blessings, happy Easter, Tammy

  31. My Mama permed my hair too. I have a picture of me with a fresh perm. Mama said that Daddy came home and said, "You can do anything you want to your hair, but leave hers alone."
    You have a beautiful family. And you Mom is so slim after having 6 kids...she is a beauty and your Dad is handsome.
    Thanks for sharing the memory..very sweet.

  32. SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!!

    Happy Easter!!

  33. What a lovely way to remember this favorite moment in your family history.

  34. What a great way to show off your great Easter pictures. You've got talent there girlie! I went thru old Easter pictures last week too. Next year I'm gonna have to do something cleaver like you did! Happy Spring Ya'll!

  35. I have just been scrolling through all of your posts, and I've never seen so many great ideas in one place! Your mind must be busy all of the time ~ not to mention your hands! Love all of this inspiration! laurie

  36. Beautiful post Jane. I think your mom must have loved dressing her little girls. I can't imagine the time it took her to hand embroider each one, but it must have surely brought her much pleasure to do it for such a special day.
    I love this picture.
    big hugs to you...

  37. Jane what a wonderful story!!

    And PS
    Nice hair!! ha


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