Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paint Tote

A quick post with a quick project tonight.  
The skies here look threatening and they're calling for bad storms tonight so I want to keep my eye on the weather.

I found this sad little tray of plastic baby bottles a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale for 50 cents.
 Since I am way past the need for baby bottles in my house, I tossed the bottles so I could repurpose the sanitizer tray into a tote for my craft paints.

The tray would have been fine "as is" but I decided to dress it up a bit with some crocheted trim.
 I sewed a few random stitches to attach the trim to the tray.
  Then I added my paint and brushes.
Each divided section is the perfect size for 3 bottles of craft paint.
 And a small jar in the middle stores my paint brushes.
I'm not sure this qualifies as a real "wow" project but I'm linking with 
Kim @ Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday
Kathleen @ Faded Charm for White Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Well, you wowed me, Jane! : ) Stay safe. I think we are just supposed to get some really heavy rain overnight. I hope it's not too bad.

  2. Oh my gosh !! That is soooo cute and perfect for your paints !

  3. You always amaze me. I would have never thought of that. You need a show turning cast offs into treasures.

  4. What a great idea. Perfect for art supplies.

  5. That little bottle caddy sure works out great for your paints. Love the touch of lace.


  6. Love it!! I have my paint brushes in an old milk bottle carrier, along with my colored pencils, etc.

  7. it is just amazing how your eye can see the use of something other than its original purpose.
    Now, go take cover and I hope that all of this horrible weather passes you by.
    My heart goes out to all my fellow midwesterners!

  8. This is definitely a wow project!

  9. I just love visiting your blog! You have the most creative ideas!

  10. Those bottles brought me back 29yrs ago!Love what you did with the sanitizer very much a wow project!Hope you all stay safe from the dreadful storms out your way,we are having winds and rain here in southern Ireland at the moment but its nothing threatening thank God!

  11. wHAT A great idea...perfect!

  12. Jane, I wish I had the creative mind you have...you make something awesome out of items most people would pass by without a second glance. That is the neatest paint tote.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Super cute! How awesome that they all fit so perfectly inside. Great find!

  14. It is a great wow project. You think of the most creative things!

  15. You are amazing! I love this idea...it's perfect! Lesa

  16. That is just perfect for all of your supplies! Love it! Thank goodness, I'm beyond baby bottles too! ;)


  17. Even your paint tote is wonderful! Looks so great! Hear you had tornado warnings down your way...stay safe!

  18. All of your projects are "Wow" projects. I love them all, and I love the touch of lace. Stay safe with all the storms down your way.

  19. I don't think I'd ever have come up with that purpose, but it's just as cute as can be with the trim. And how delightfully useful!

  20. I am with Kim I want to see the Jane Show....Oprah is gone now so I would love to watch you every afternoon! Love the project!

  21. You are becoming my favoritest blog to read because of all your clever creative ideas! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Life is good.

  22. I'm thinking WOW! What a great eye, to see that i had possibilities, I am afraid I would have passed that great find up! I love to visit you Jane, I wish you were a neighbor, I think we would have great fun!


  23. cute. Great idea for paint carrier.

  24. Okay, that is just too cool! Love how you have made this carrier so usable.

    Jocelyn @

  25. Great idea and it still amazes me how you see the good in all objects!

  26. I love this! I need to find one of these...
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

    I made a Printer's Drawer bulletin board similar to yours awhile back (will post a pic to your page soon.) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  27. Jane, Why you don't already have your own show on HGTV or your own column in Country Living is beyond me...
    Another amazing idea!

  28. Well....... Now I reallllly know I'm OLD.... I used a sterilizer and those exact plastic bottles when my daughter was a baby. Holy smokes. If only I had saved all those things from the "old days"....

    Another clever idea from the CREATIVE LADY..



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