Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vintage Hat Stand

I got to do a little shopping over my lunch hour today at my favorite antique/junk shop.  To give you an idea of how much stuff this store has I thought I would post a few pictures.
This is a great place to find rusty and crusty pieces!
  I managed to find a few things today and these two pieces were part of what I brought home.
These are old phone parts.  One piece is the bell and the other piece came off the mouthpiece of an antique phone that would have looked something like this:    
(Internet image)
I had a different plan for the phone parts.
I really like the look of vintage hat stands and I thought I would try and make one with the two phone parts and these other supplies.
I painted the dowel black and inserted it into the small wood block.  I then slid one of the phone pieces over and down the dowel to cover the wood block.  This was the base of my hat stand.
Next I screwed the bell part to the top of the dowel.
That's all there is to it.

My version of a vintage hat stand.
Complete with a vintage hat.
As always, thank you for visiting my blog.  I really appreciate your visits!

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Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Jane that is amazing!
    I need these for shows to display my crocheted hats on!! They would be perfect.
    Oh and your junkin' place totally reminds me of home.
    It looks just like the farm I used to pick at.
    So fun

  2. First of all, I would LOVE to visit that store! And second, what a great and creative idea to make a hat stand out of those phone pieces. You are so creative! And the stand looks wonderful! Thank you for joining TTF. Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

  3. sheesh. i would have never thought of that! seriously creative. and i want to set up a tent in that yard and take my time picking! its like crusty rusty heaven. thanks for sharing it.

  4. Seriously cute! That is my kind of store!


  5. Man oh man could I have a grand time with you at that junk shop. I love the hat stand, you are a genius.

  6. oh you lucky girl- what a treasure trove!


  7. There she goes again with her visionary creativity. You never cease to amaze!

    I don't think I'd ever come out of that junk shop if I went it. I'd want to pick through everything!



  8. How do you do it? What great ideas you have, the "new" hat stand is fab.
    There is a place very like your junk shop in a nearby town, you would love it,
    Similar things but with a little added "je ne sais quoi"!

  9. Love it Jane. It looks just like a great old hat stand. I would love to plunder through that great junk place.


  10. Jane, suddenly it all makes sense! You just have an endless supply of inspiration! I would love to rat through that place. Sigh....

  11. That does indeed look like a junker's paradise. I think I'd be a bit overwhelmed. But you go girl!

  12. What a wonderful little shop! I could spend hours and hours there : ) Love your little hat stand - you always blow my socks off with your ideas! That little yellow hat is darling!

  13. So, amid all those goodies, you managed to find two pieces that are about 3" big? On your lunch hour? lol. It turned out great, I love your vision-enjoy:@)

  14. My God, Jane, how your mind works is amazing! From those two little pieces to a hand stand! That looks great. What a fantastic place, too. I would probably spend the day there just looking at everything.

  15. Looks like Junque Heaven to me!Great hat stand.Thanks for sharing.

  16. ooh..they's have to send a search party for me if i ever went there!! LOL! So much gorgeous junky treasures....very cool. love that hat stand! TFS!

  17. Jane..Jane..Jane... you are a woman after my own heart! I love that place, I would like to poke through there and find me an old ladder back chair I could put a plant in! Great idea with the hat stand. I used to buy a lot of hats at auctions, not any more. I got one that was haunted (I think)...

  18. Gosh I loved the pictures of all the junk, fun to "browse"! And, your hat stand...Jane, have I said this before? You need to write your own book. (if you need a co-author, I'm it)

  19. Good job! Way to think outside the box. I've got a neat place like that close by, almost looks identical, but the old man that owns it is REALLY attached to his junk. I can rarely find a good deal there and it kills me!

  20. Eat your heart out, Bloomingdales! LOVE this shop!!!

  21. Oh heart is racing at all that great junk!!! Love the hat stand...very, very clever...again :) Laurel

  22. wow - exactly the kind of junk store I love - lucky you!
    just love how your mind works...amazing!

  23. What a fun junk store to shop at. Love how you took these parts and made a great hat stand!

  24. This is my kind of shop and I could spend hours here. I love your new hat stand. I swear you can take anything and make something wonderful from it. I am always amazed at your creativity!

  25. That place looks like an amazing place to browse through!
    Love the hat stand you made!!
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!

  26. Wow, I love places like that, where they have a ton of great stuff outside too! I don't think I'll ever understand how you come up with these great ideas, and I guess it doesn't matter, as long as you keep coming up with them and sharing them with all of us. I love this hat stand!

  27. Do you live in Arkansas? My in-law's live in Mountain Home and I swear I've stopped at this place when I was driving to Missouri one weekend. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog and find you inspiring!

  28. What a great place to have a hoke about in. You are amazing, who else would buy old phone parts and turn them into a hat stand - brilliant! Linda x

  29. Ohhhh...I love that place! Great stuff is right Jane! That is so cool what you did, you are the clever one.

  30. I could never do that on a lunch break, I would be fired for being late! judy

  31. Oh my gosh Jane!!!!! I NEED TO GO TO LUNCH WITH YOU!!! So that is where you find all of your treasures. There was a place like that near the town I lived in in Indiana. My sister and I went there everytime she visited. We would take the kids and tell them we were on an adventure, and treasure hunting. Oh how I miss that place. I think your store there is like your labratory! You find your latest subjects, and then take them home and work your magic! Your hat stands are a perfect example.
    Have a beautiful mothers day Jane...
    love, t. xoxo

  32. I love the hat stand! So vintage :-) Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day.


  33. OMGoodness Jane, I'm on my way to go to lunch with you....that looks simply delicious!

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

  34. What an amazing store! I'm afraid I'd never know what to do with some of these treasures, but you always think out of the box. The hat stand is a great idea. ~ Sarah

  35. More creative cuteness!!

    barbara jean

  36. That place looks like a little piece of heaven! You amaze me with your creativity. Love the hat stand.

  37. Broken Record here, Jane you ROCK!!! You seriously are visionary, I love it!!!

  38. Your creativity amazes me! Who would of ever thought that those two pieces could make such a chic hat holder. You are one lucky gal to have that place so close by you, a junkers dream!


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