Sunday, June 26, 2011

Changes In My Studio

Are you planning on participating in the "Where Bloggers Create" link party on July 15th?  
This great event, hosted by Karen @ My Desert Cottage, not only gives you a chance to show-off your creative space but it also allows you to take a virtual tour of creative spaces all over the world.  Last year there were over 300 people who shared their creative spaces and I'm sure this year will be just as big.  

I'm planning on joining again this year but I have a lot of cleaning, sorting and organizing to do before my room will be ready.  

Today I thought I would give you a sneak peek of a new addition to my studio that is going to help me get organized.
 I found this wire shelf at a local antique store and knew it would be perfect to hold some locker baskets that I have had for a couple of years.
 The shelf can hold eight baskets with a little room to spare for a couple of small boxes.
I love having everything visible in the baskets.
I am forever forgetting where I put things so I think this storage system is really going to keep me organized.
 That's all I'm going to show of the room for now.  I need to save the rest for the 15th.

On a different note, I wanted to show you a picture of my husband with his new wheelchair.  
 He has been anxiously waiting for this chair and it finally arrived on Friday.
So Friday evening we took it for a spin around the park.
The chair can go up to 6.5 miles per hour, it has an "elevator" that can raise Bruce up to bar height, and it can do a full recline (which Bruce took advantage of at the park)....all with a touch of a button.
This chair has given him so much more freedom to get out and about.
Today when I was returning home from running some errands I saw him about a mile from home cruising down the road.  I think I'm going to have to get one of those big hazard signs to put on the back!

Have a great week.  I can't believe it is already the last week of June!



  1. I love those baskets, I never find anything good like that at my antique stores. Can't wait to see the rest of your studio. tell your hubby I said Happy Motoring!

  2. Your new metal shelf is perfect for those wire baskets!! I love the open look too! I'm so glad your husband is finding new freedom with his new chair. Go Bruce!!!

  3. Jane, I look forward to seeing your creative space. I'm in awe of all you do!
    Tell Bruce I think his new wheels are super. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  4. How wonderful for Bruce! To have more of his freedom back WOOT!
    Pretty classy looking outdoor recliner! and ooh la la those sexy legs :D
    I agree, hazard lights or a big horn.
    Looks like a lovely day to boot!


  5. Your space is looking great - love those baskets! The new chair for Bruce is wonderful. The more independence the better. It has some great features!

  6. Great for Bruce and you! Amazing the amount of freedom that will give him. I would have loved to have seen the smile on your face when you saw him out and about.

  7. I am participating, too, Jane! I love the baskets; I need that type of thing, too, because I forget what I've got {especially if it's not something I use all the time} and I hate buying something again and then find I already had it.

    It's amazing how much these chairs do nowadays. I'm glad it allows Bruce a little more independence and freedom.

  8. Thanks for letting me know about the Where blogger's create! Gives me motivation for fixing up my little area! Yours, of course, looks great already. Happy that your hubby has some new found freedom!

  9. Love the metal shelves and baskets!! So perfect! And how wonderful for your husband!! He loks super happy with his new wheels:)

  10. Yea for Bruce! That chair looks amazing! So glad to hear that it is giving him the freedom and mobility to cruise about on his own.

    That wire shelf was perfect for your baskets. I need to see what I have too because it is all hidden away and I have absolutely no idea what I've got. :/

    Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  11. I am in the middle of cleaning out my studio too, oh my gosh, I have sooo much stuff! I think it may be time to let some of it go (I can't believe I even said that!) Love the wire shelves and the locker baskets, I need to see my stuff too or I forget what I have. Plus it helps me get creative to see my treasures!
    YAY for Bruce... his new wheels are awesome, I'm so happy for both of you! That is one sweet ride! xoxooxoxoxo

  12. You are so lucky to have space for all of your crafts and those locker baskets. And I think you should get a matching wheel chair as Bruce's - then you could have neighborhood races with each other! He looks like he is enjoying his new freedom - good for him!

  13. Congrats to Bruce and his new wheels! How nice for him.

    Can I tell you how much I hate you? I'm dying over those baskets...I want some so bad, but not willing to pay the prices I keep finding them at. That wire rack is perfect, it fits under your window so well. Can't wait to see all of your glory Where Bloggers Create. I need to get my butt moving if I want my space to be presentable enough. ;-)

  14. so glad for your husband that he has more independence.

    I love those old locker baskets, I have a couple, just love how you did yours!

  15. Wow, what a great collection of wire baskets! I'm so jealous! I'm still debating on whether to join that challenege as I'm just so unorganized. And how cute does your hubby look in his new set of wheels! ;)


  16. So happy to read that Bruce is enjoying more mobility! That's one nice wheelchair, too.

  17. I'm so envious of your wire storage system! Hardly a day goes that I'm not searching for something in my sewing/craft area. I always put things where I'm SO sure I'll be able to find them!
    I'm so happy for your husband, that he has regained independence and can be mobile! You better get him a GPS, because it looks like he's eager to do some exploring!

  18. Screammm!!! I love the baskets :)
    I cant wait to see your finished studio :)

    I am so thrilled your hubby can get out and about..there is nothing better then getting out in the fresh air and sunshine.. and being able to go anywhere you want to go :)


  19. Wow, I know I am going to love your 'creative space' after seeing those baskets! Just let me craft in that room for oh, say a week! I love your junk!

    What a fab wheelchair! Yep, you better get him one of those tall flags for the back so you can find him! Looks like he is having a fun.

  20. The smile on his face says it all! I'm so happy for him! Your space is wonderful and I will be looking for more photos on July 15th.

  21. Thanks for the heads up on the creative space blog. This is my first month in the blogland so I'd love to show you my space. I'd better get off the laptop and start cleaning.

  22. What a fabulous wire shelf. It's so nice to have that storage room and it looks good too. Hubby looks so proud of his new wheels. Isn't great that he has so much more mobility now.

  23. Congrats to your husband for getting his freedom back!! I bet it will make a world of a difference for him in more ways than you can count.

    I love the wire/metal industrial look - I think its definitely kid friendly and I am working on achieving this look in my boys' room this Summer.

  24. How perfect for organization...and you can see what you have! Way to go Bruce....keep motoring and beware of rouge squirrels

  25. I love your new storage solution, Jane! Great industrial vintage look! So happy that Bruce can have more freedom and mobility!

  26. Where do I begin. I just got a good chance to look back over your early posting days, I just really like your blog. You are very talented. Least but not last Bruce looks like he's enjoying himself a lot.

  27. That is so cool that your hubby is "out and about"! I bet you both feel better :)
    Awesome wire basket holder and baskets. I love seeing all those craft/studio rooms. It gives me lots of ideas for my "someday" craft room:)

  28. First of all-WOOHOO to Bruce for his new wheels. I'm sure he's happy about the new freedom they provide. Maybe you'll need to get a tracking chip device so you know where he is at all times...:)
    I showed my room last year and had so much fun getting it ready. I can't wait to see your final design...I know it will be wonderful!
    Work away Jane!

  29. can't wait to see your studio reveal this year! I am busy working on mine as this will be my 1st WBC Party! on another note...Your hubby looks adorable and happy in his new "wheels." Many happy trails to him! :)

  30. Looks like hubby has a cool ride and thanks for the reminder about the party. I always love to look, but never join in...Maybe, I will this time!

  31. I'll have to do some serious cleaning in order to get ready for the linky party. May even have to get out the vacuum. Love the wire shelf. I like to have things visible also.

  32. LOVE that wire shelf Jane!
    So happy your honey got his new ride...he looks so happy!

  33. oh I want to play in the where women create game

    guess I'd better clean out the shed

    thanks for such SWEET comments on the wedding posts

    hubby is so cute

  34. Your husband looks pretty comfy in his new chair. A blessing for both of you.

  35. Your wire baskets are a great way to organized crafts!! Glad your hubby can get around in such an amazing chair. We have a friend who is paralyzed from the waist down, and she has a chair that allows her to be in a standing position. What a blessing!

    Jocelyn @

  36. Love the open baskets and shelves for your nice to be able to actually see what you have :)
    Love your hubby's "new ride" fun for him to be able to cruise around on his own!
    Chat soon, Laurel

  37. Seeing your hubby in his new chair makes me happy! I bet he feels like he has some of his old autonomy back! Good for both of you!
    Have a great weekend! karen..
    Ps..he might need a horn too! :)

  38. hey comment is working again! YAY!!!

    LOVE the storage idea, and your oak file cabinet wall shelf.

    Great about your husband's new chair.

    sweet blessings
    barbara jean

  39. Hi Jane
    I love the awesome wire baskets you found. You already have them filled with amazing treasures.
    Also glad that your hubby was able to get a chair to help him more.
    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog, and I hope you have a Happy 4th of July!

  40. Thanks for the tip about that party, sounds great! I love your wire baskets and that great shelf unit, like you, i love old wood and wire. Your hubbie's wheels are cool too, esp the elevator for sitting at the bar! Thanks for visiting me so that i could get the chance to 'meet' you.

  41. Jane I love the Hubs new wheels!! That's awesome!
    Get him one of those tall bike flags so people can see him coming!!

    And the rat trap, you are so right, women at the Antique Store couldn't believe I was holding it. And The Boyfriend had a fit because I had it on the kitchen counter while I was finding a place for it!! ha

  42. That wire shelf and the baskets are about the best I've seen for organizing a studio like yours. I have lots of baskets, but never can find anything, because I can't see it. Great find, great idea. I will be checking in to see your creating space along with the others for more ideas. Love your husbands new wheels. At 6.5 mph, he can cover some serious ground.
    Happy to see he got something he can function better in.

  43. I remember how excited my father in law was when his wheelchair got delivered. The next big thing he couldn't wait for was the accessible van. He likes to be on the move, so having to stay at the house makes him crazy. SO happy for your husband that he can now easily get out and about. Later, he can control the wheelchair by moving his head if he needs to.

    LOVE the shelf! I need something like that for my ever increasing collection of locker baskets.

  44. Happy about Bruce's chair. He's going pretty fast and might get a ticket! Joking aside, I'm sure he is loving the freedom it gives him. I love the wire shelf and what you're doing with it. I love those kinds of baskets. I'll have to check back when you get your room ready. Debi

  45. Hey Jane, I have a slow moving vehicle sign I could take off the neighbor's tractor if you want.LOL! Your husband's new chair looks like a great one. I love the fact that it lays all the way back...who needs a recliner?
    I can't wait to see your studio. The WWC people still haven't come out to photograph mine from last year, so I don't think I will be showing mine. I guess I should call Jo Packham and find out if it would be ok. I am excited about seeing everyone's spaces and artwork. It's always such a great party!
    Sending hugs from here...

  46. Oh man! LOVE those baskets with all the goodies inside! I so need a system like that! (PS--can I come shopping in your studio? :))

  47. Jane,
    So happy to see that Bruce was able to get this chair...sounds like he is really enjoying it and that's wonderful:) Love the storage...these wire locker baskets are soooo neat...lucky you to have so many of them (I only have one).



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