Thursday, June 16, 2011

Magnets, Magnets and More Magnets!

After I posted my "Vent Turned Into Photo Holder" project last week (posted here), I got a few e-mails asking what kind of magnets and glue I used on the hinge magnets I made for that project.

The magnets I use are from Walmart and come 50 to a package for $5.99.  They are pretty strong magnets and work well for most of the pieces I want to turn into magnets (and the price is right too).
The adhesive I use is Scotch Maximum Strength Adhesive.   There are a lot of adhesives that I'm sure would work, this just happens to be the one that I have had good luck with.
 Since I had both the magnetic buttons and adhesive out I decided to scour my studio and find some things to turn into fun magnets.  If an object has a flat back that the magnetic button can be adhered to and it isn't too heavy, it will make a great magnet.

Here are some of the magnets I came up with: 

More hardware....this time an old slide lock.
 An old wood handled stamp.
 Metal stencils.
 Old game pieces.
 A watch face.
 A decorated key.
Vintage earrings.
 Old locks.  
 To give you a better idea of the size of the locks, here's a larger photo of the locks on my "model", a vintage metal suitcase.
 For the seamstress of the family I made some sewing related magnets.
A small vintage doily and a button.
 A zipper pull.
And the tops sawed off of old wood spools.
And last, but not least, a 1" piece from an old yardstick.
After I cut the old yardsticks for my yardstick star project (posted here) I was left with a 1" piece from each yardstick.  The pieces were sitting on my workbench and magnets were a perfect use.

I have to admit, it got a little addictive looking for things to turn into magnets.
Do you have any other ideas?

I'm linking this with Debra @ Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

Have an enjoyable weekend.



  1. Fantastic! love the idea of using the lock. You have inspired me to make some more magnets too. Tamara x

  2. Those are so cute...I am off to get magnets at WM! Thanks!

  3. What fun. The zipper cracked me up, so unexpected! The yard stick piece is my favorite.

  4. I think old knobs off of appliances would be cool!

  5. All of these are wonderful! You sure do think outside the box -- loved the zipper pull and the spool tops!



  6. All such fantastic ideas and so simple to put together. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  7. So, funny!! I too, am addicted to turning things into magnets. I've been creating vintage jewelry magnets for a while and selling them in my etsy store, but the other day, I made a bunch out of old keys some vintage game pieces, an old slide lock and buttons!!!! I wish I could say great minds think alike...but, you've got me beat on creativity on everything else!

  8. Jane ~
    You amaze me with your awesome ideas ~ Those are so cool and I love your vent idea ~ wowwwzaaa!!!

    Thank you for sharing with us :)


  9. The metal stencils and thread tops my favs!

  10. Wow!!! As usual, you inspire us with your creativity! Love that 1" yardstick magnet!!!

  11. Love it all!! I loved the earrings back when you did those a few months ago. And the game pieces are so cute. But the locks and keys and old hardware are so original. Jane, when are you going to open an etsy store?

  12. I really like the old wooden spoons sawed off and made into magnets.

    How did you saw them off? I would cut my hand off with an electric saw? LOL Not good with tools

  13. How cute! I am going to buy a pack of the magnet buttons and make some magnets. You have inspired me Jane!! This is a project even I can do! hugs, Linda

  14. You are the magnet queen! I have never seen a metal suitcase before. That is so cool.

  15. Jane, What a cute and creative idea! I especially love the locks and the zipper.

  16. Only you could be this creative! Love this..gave me a smile this am.
    Have a great weekend girlfriend..


  17. Oh my gosh, what a cute idea! Have great weekend, Mary :O)

  18. I just found you and wow are you a very creative one. I spent a lot of time here reading previous post. Great blog!

  19. I am absolutely enamored with your new magnets, Jane! So original and fun. hmmm.... I think the SILs will be getting some similar to these for Xmas - what a great project. ~ Sue

  20. I'd love to try making magnets. But I'd never come close to the unusual ones you come up with!

  21. So many inspirational magnet ideas, Jane! I've been catching up with your posts...LOVE the framed flag and the charming spice cabinet! Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  22. So creative Jane! I love that little zipper one.

  23. Great ideas. I love the spool tops and the ruler.

  24. Jane, these are vintage re-purposed at their best. So much prettier than plastic magnets and other new magnets. hugs♥O

  25. These are great favorite is the old spool tops!

  26. How creative of you! Thanks for checking out my little red stool.

  27. Jane,
    I love all your magnet ideas.
    I did some key push pins for my washboard project a week ago.
    so fun!!

    hugs and blessings
    PS thanks for the tip on where to get magnets.

  28. Hello, I just found you through Pinterest and couldn't get over to your blog fast enough! You have awesome ideas!!! A new follower!

  29. As clever girl! My favorite is the yardstick magnet.

  30. These are all so great, Jane! And thanks for the adhesive heads-up, I'm always looking for a good one!

  31. Miss you, and your wonderful projects. You never ceased to amaze me.

    Hope you are doing OK. One day at a time.



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