Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's All In The Details

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

My husband and I got back late last night from a road trip to Ohio.  
We were in the car for 13.5 hours yesterday.......12 hours were spent driving and 1.5 hours were spent sitting on I-70.  A semi-truck had overturned and they temporarily closed the interstate while they cleaned up.  Sitting in a car for 1.5 hours going nowhere was frustrating, especially when we still had 8 hours of driving to do.  
But we made it home safely and that's the important thing.

Being away for a week means no new projects but I thought I would show you a little more detail of a couple of storage pieces in my studio.
(If you are interested in seeing my post for the "Where Bloggers Create" party and a tour of my studio space you can see it here).

This black storage piece was a $5.00 thrift store find.
On top of the piece is a metal tool box that I bought for $2.00 at a thrift store.  It originally looked like this.
I cleaned it up and spray painted it white.
I then sawed off two pieces from a folding ruler and glued the ends to the tool box lid and base to keep the lid open and stabilized.
My original thought was to hang the tool box on the wall in this position and use it as a shelf.  
But, quite honestly, I ran out of wall space in my studio and had no place to hang it.
So instead of wall storage, it became countertop storage.
I had collected four glass refrigerator water/juice containers over the past month or two and had not been using them for anything.
They fit great in the tool box and became storage for old game pieces.
 In front of the tool box is the removable tool tray.  I spray painted it white and am now utilizing it for additional storage.
I have six matching "Rexall" bottles that fit in the tray.
 They are a great size to hold smaller items like thimbles and dice.
 Another piece that I repurposed for storage was an old shoeshine storage/carrier (pictured on the right).
I don't have a before photo but it had a stained wood finish.
I painted it white and it is perfect for storing more of my trims and rick-rack.
One last item that wasn't pictured in my previous post was this old lunch box I bought at a flea market for $1.00
 It sits on a small shelf on my typewriter stand and houses part of my stash of old folding rulers.
I still have LOTS of creative spaces that are linked to "Where Bloggers Create" to visit.
It may take some time but I hope to get to as many as I can.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by for a tour of my studio and for your nice comments.
It took some time to get it organized but I am excited to get in there and start creating.

Enjoy your week!



  1. Jane, Jane, are so creative. I think using that wooden tape measure for the sides of the box is so clever. I know, I tell you all the time, but you amaze me with your ideas. Do you ever sleep? I will have to see if my husband has an old tool box. I know I have the wooden tape measure....I keep saying I am going to make something...but I never do....but keep showing your wonderful ideas. One of them is bound to stick sometime!!!

  2. Oops, I forgot to tell you...that stand. I think I know what it originally was. They were used to hold a record player and then the black wire stands when on the shelves for the records. I remember them from my childhood...yes, I am that old!

  3. Hi Jane,
    What great storage ideas! I always am amazed at how you take ordinary things and turn them into something wonderful.


  4. Oh...hate those kind of car trips!

    My hubster has that tool box; wonder if he'd notice if I snatched it? Love the way yours turned out!


  5. your studio is so neat and orderly!
    No disorderly junk there!
    love the tool box as a shelf idea...glad you made your trip home safely. One and half hours in stopped traffic... sounds grueling!

    take care,
    Hope your hubby is doing well.

  6. Oh my gosh I just love your ideas for keeping everything organized! Your studio is amazing!

  7. as always, wonderful ideas!!
    thanks for sharing!!

    barbara jean

  8. I like what you did with that tool box...really a great idea! My husband has one exactly like it only he uses it as a tool box...I doubt I can steal it from him...he'd notice! :)

  9. Now that your studio is all organized so uniquely
    and distinctively, come on over to my home.
    It could use you're magic touch.

  10. Great ideas for storage Jane! Love your fun shoeshine box of trims:@)

  11. Awesome as always!

    Sorry about your trip delays - made much worse by the fact that you still had the better part of the trip ahead of you.!

  12. Girl, you are I are on the same page!! I have a small suitcase of sorts that I have been planning to use for a display shelf & I wanted to also add folding rulers along the sides like you did, & I just found one at my next door neighbor's garage sale for 50 cents!

    I love how you have your stuff all displayed, it just goes together so well!

  13. Love your studio and your gorgeous storage solutions. I wish I was so well organized!

  14. One of the main reasons I didn't come to the States this year was because I drove over 3500 miles in 6 weeks last summer and it was a little much. Driving is one thing, sitting in traffic is another. In Nepal, the roads are so bad that a trip which would normally take 2 hours, turns out to be 6. :/ We were in the bus alot, and I had my crochet with me so I could stay busy along the way.

    You always manage to find the most wonderful items and always find a useful new life for them. Great ideas! Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  15. Great pieces, Jane! I love the old game pieces. I also love your clock faces that I see. Those old drawers are great {sewing table drawers?}. I always keep my eye out for them when I'm out because they look like they store a variety of things very well, yet I like their slim profile.

  16. I can't get enough of your studio and all of your great organization ideas! I'm especially loving the idea of hanging a toolbox like that!

  17. Hi Jane!
    Love your space...very eclectic, love your unique ways to store fav...those rulers used for clever. I had so much fun seeing yor organized creative space.
    Be blessed, Lorena

  18. Love your space sweet friend. Very shabby and eclectic! Over the moon fab!

    I love organization and the toolbox hanging is GREAT!

    Love to you~


  19. This is so adorable not to mention functional. The tool box is genius and fabulous in white.

  20. Oh no! 1 1/2 hours?! My first thought when I hear of traffic held up is what if they had to go to the bathroom?! (that's after I worry/pray for the accident--usually)
    Your storage is fun!!

  21. Your brain works in such an "engineering " mode- I think you could easily have had a career as an architect. You are incredibly original.
    As always, ingenious ideas! :D


  22. You always have the best ideas. After I look through your blog I make lists of things to find at the thrift store. I love everything that you come up with.

  23. I LOVED seeing everything. That black metal storage piece is fantastic! I have a habit of painting everything pink or aqua but I want to leave it black. It is so wonderfully vintage!

  24. Love it all! And OH how I hate being stuck on a highway for that long. I end up alternately praying for the people involved and being glad it's not me and then hoping I don't have to go potty. Kind of a strange combination, that.

  25. That's great Jane, love it!
    That's a lot of time in a car. We just got back from a California coast trip on Highway 1 (very curvy) and drove for hours. Spent too much time in the car for a 7 day trip!

  26. I must tell you I am most inspired by your room. I even called my husband in and ask him to look. I knew it would motivate him as well and it has.
    Thanks, Thanks and more Thanks,

  27. Your storage ideas are great! I have passed up some old tool boxes in the past...hope another one comes my way now! Also wanted to let you know I borrowed your painted silverplate idea from back in May for my Mom's birthday gift. I linked back to you on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. So much cool stuff to craft with!!!! Great room!!!

  29. What creative ways to store small items that do better seen than hidden. Really enjoyed reading your last two posts. Must read backwards for more.

  30. You amaze me but I am sure you must think that is all I can say!!! ;) What do you make with all of these things you collect? Do you make art or jewelry? Or do you just like to collect. I love your collections and great finds. I never find anything like that!

  31. I lpve the way you think! So out of the box - I am always looking at things trying to figure out different wasy to use them! What a fun studio!


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