Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Would You Buy It Wednesday - Help Me Decide

It's almost Wednesday and I've got something new to share for "Would You Buy It Wednesday" hosted by Stephanie @ Junker Newbie.

It's got plenty of rust and chipped paint.
And a warped and broken seat.
And yes, I bought it.......for $6.50.
 I haven't had time to do much with it yet.
I did remove the three layers of wood veneer that made up the seat.
Now I need to decide, should I paint it or keep it as is?

And how should I use it?
 Maybe a plant stand?  
 Or a stool with a new upholstered seat? 
Or maybe the base of a table with a larger circle top?

I think I'm going to make this an audience participation post.
Comment and let me know:
1.  Paint it or leave it be
2.  Keep it as a stool, make it a plant stand, turn it into a table or any other idea you have.

I'll update this piece based on what gets the most votes.

Thanks for your help.  It will be fun to see what you guys think.

Happy Wednesday.



  1. I would definitely keep the patina but coat it with a little matte sealer so no more flaking. I like it as a plant stand.


  2. My first reaction was a plant stand so that is what I'd pick. I'd probably leave the rust as is too. It's really cute. It just needs a fern!

  3. I would leave it as is, all rusty and chippy...but coat it with a sealer. And I like the stool....but I would leave it wood and paint it or stain it and then paint a number or a graphic on the seat. I wouldn't upholster it.
    It sure is beautiful. I would've bought it too!

  4. Lightly sand, seal with clear and then top with a burlap seat...that's my vote.
    BTW...I've been told my seat is a little warped too! Must come with age.

  5. I would have bought this and YES plant stand! Love it for that!

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  7. Jane, I have one very similar--mine was an "ice cream chair" that the back had broken off of. I stuck the back in the ground in my flowerbed and I use it as a short trellis. I turned the seat part (like yours) into a patio side table. I broke up plates and did a mosaic on the seat, and sprayed the legs white. It turned out quite nice. Just another idea... I like the plant stand idea though!

  8. Oh this is fun!
    I think you should NOT paint it and turn it into a table, with one of your creative ideas for the top.

  9. Honestly to comment on this would be bridling your imagination. You will come up with something much more creative than any of us could! :)

  10. Leave it. Make it a stool. Whatever you do, I have no doubt will be great. Lori L

  11. I like the idea of a small side table with a glass top so you can see the great patina! I'd leave the finish as is.

  12. I would have bought it also. What a great little chippy stool!

  13. Hi Jane, I would only seal it and love your idea to convert it into a table. If you hang it upside down from your kitchen ceiling, it maybe could also make a nice pot rack.

  14. Love the rusty and chippy look and it looks awesome as a plant stand!

  15. Keep it as is. add a metal pot, fill with Toilet Paper for the bath. I have my TP in old sap buckets..always at the ready<3
    Bet no one else votes for this but then I am always marching to a different drummer..lol

  16. Jane, I would have definitely bought it! I vote leave it as is and use it as a plant stand. I agree a beautiful fern would look great in it.

    Have a wonderful day,

  17. I haven't even had my coffee yet, Jane, and all these questions! : ) Hmmm, if you leave it as is, I'd do chicken wire and a coco liner and put plants in it, leaving it outside. If you bring it inside = as is = I'd probably at least put some sealer on it and do a new seat. Can you use another place to sit in your creative space?

  18. Hi Jane,
    I love it! Keep the rust for sure. I would also keep it as a stool.


  19. Table number one option and uphostered stool number two, which leaves plant stand number three. But actually love them all.

  20. Hi Jane,
    I probably wouldn't have bought it...........but since you have, my suggestion would be get rid of the rust, seal it and turn it into a table.
    But what do I know, I'm a gardener and a cook, not at all crafty like you!
    Looking forward to seeing the transformation soon.

  21. Plant stand. May be too fragile for a stool. I would seal it preserve that beautiful chippy texture.

  22. How about use it as a table, paint some kind of design that has a circle in it... I like French...
    and stain it dark.
    Great find!

  23. I think it would make an adorable chairside table with or without the rust. The top could be another amazing piece you've junked (a game board?) and repurpose. Whatever you do, I will drool over it...I know that much is true!

  24. ohhhh I like it as a planting stand - I can just see it with some vines or creeping jenny trailing out the side. mmmm...then after summer ends - you could bring it inside and hold handtowels in it in the little girls room!

  25. Yes I would buy it. Leave it be but maybe seal it so it doesn't get worse (it's perfect the way it is). I like all of your ideas but it would make an awesome table base. (It also would make a great base to a birdbath if you could figure out the bath part.) Great find!!!

  26. I think I would leave it as is...I would use it outside, but that is just me. I like the birdbath idea!

  27. Love it...make a small table out of it, so you can see those beautiful naked legs! Also a birdbath is a great idea...lots of ideas to chose from.

  28. I would of bought it. I think you should leave it all rusty with the chipped paint...it would make a great little table. I would do the top wood and paint a number or a simple design on it.
    Can't wait to see what you do!!

  29. I totally would've bought it! But I would've left it exactly how you found it, rather than putting more $ and work into it. But I am REALLY junky!! I've bought them with no seat and they do make very attractive plant stands. I don't think you can go wrong, but I'd leave it as natural as possible. xo Kristi

  30. Yes, I would buy it. I think you should leave it and use it as a plant stand.
    Karen G

  31. I like your idea of using it as a plant stand - I think I would try to sand it down and paint it - or it would be cool out in the garden with a huge gazing ball in it - I am sure you will find the perfect solution!

  32. Hmmm...
    I'd leave the paint 'as is' only shoot clear to stop the flaking. Then I'd TOP it with GLASS,as a table, to see all it's BEAUTIFUL Rusty Glory! on the perch below you could put a bucket or basket of something if you wanted...EVEN A PLANT!


  33. Awesome find! I think I would leave it as is, but give it a clear coat to stop the flaking, then us it as a plant stand. I would also give the pot that old patina look too! Great find!! Hopping over from Junking Newbie!

  34. Leave it natural, seal it and plant away! I SO would have picked this little beauty up too!

  35. Greetings, Jane,
    Great purchase. I don't think you should paint it...and it should remain a stool. One can never have enough seats out on the patio!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie

  36. Hi, I'd use it for a plant stand since that's sort of unexpected. I'm one of those strange people who doesn't particularly like rusty, chippy things so I'd probably paint it.
    Can't wait to see what you decide.

  37. LOVE IT!
    Don't paint it! Perfectly shabby as it is.
    if you put a pot in it, has to be old looking peely white.
    seat: no upholstery. Do a wood seat. would need to be oldish looking wood, aged, or again, peely white!

    Wonderful purchase.
    PS If I had bought it, I might have actually just left old seat in it and placed old pot on it. =)

  38. Love it...of course I would vote to keep it chippy and rusty...but I am torn on the stool vs. plant stand. The upholstered seat sounds adorable but think I vote plant stand since I'm all about "re-purposing", ya know :) Chat soon, Laurel

  39. What a great find for only $6.50....I would leave it but seal with something so it wouldn't rust completely and fall apart. I live the idea of a big fern or something flowy to put in and make it a planter. Happy Summer Ya'll

  40. I like it as a little side table or a plant stand...doesn't seem like it would be sturdy enough for a stool. And, I definitely would have purchased it! Great find.

  41. I would definitely buy it. I've been looking for something similar. My thoughts were to use a planter base plate and make a bird bath. I like the rustic look, so I'd leave it the way it is. Great find!

    Jocelyn @

  42. Oh my goodness!! Do I have the perfect HUGE blue-ish glass flower plate that would look awesome on the top of that! I like the idea of putting a glass top on it so you can always see down the middle of it from every angle.

    or.... if you're super creative (you got that part covered) put a glass top on it, but create a shadow/display box by putting a bottom on the underside of the seat & fill it with vintage soda shop goodies or some other vintage-y decor. What a conversation piece!

  43. I'm really liking the plant stand look - let us know what you decide!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  44. Hi Jane...I think you should leave as is and put a new stool top on...maybe with an old grain sack or burlap...or maybe a classic ticking!

  45. Oh Jane, I would NOT paint it! I love the rusty chippy look...such personality! And I also love the plant stand idea....it would be so gorgeous with a big fern in it!

    That's my vote! lol

    Lou Cinda :)

  46. Having read the previous comments, it sounds like you need to shop for a great plant! Looking forward to your "reveal."

  47. I would not paint it and would use it as a plant stand or stool.

  48. I would leave it as is and use it as a plant stand.

  49. Hi Jane! I have one too! Mine has always been in my family. A lumberyardd can cut you a new piece of wood for it - mine is old cracked too,
    When i was a kid it was light blue but my mother and i painted it black when i was a teen and it's still black. I could never part with it. They were originally in my grandfather's shoe store.

  50. My first thought when I saw it was plant stand, but that almost seems too easy! I loved Sandi's idea to leave the patina and stencil a number on it, but I was thinking of a table and doing that and not a stool. Whatever you do it will be fabulous for sure, you never cease to amaze us! t. xoxooxox

  51. How ironic - I bought one very similar to this at sale a few weeks ago with a seat that will probably need to be replaced as well (I won't set any anything heavy on it, much less sit on it). I'll be watching to see what you decide to do with it! I've been leaning towards the flower pot myself, but worried about off-season storage. I wonder what other holiday decor would work if it is left outside? I'm planning to post about my other (junk) garden containers, so maybe I'll include this if I come up with something. Good luck!

  52. Hi! I probably wouldn't have bought it because of it's state, BUT knowing you, you will turn it into something that I will LOVE...no doubt! I would use it as a table and make it shabby, but not quite so rustic. Anxious to see the final results!

  53. I would have snapped that up in a minute. I love metal pieces. I wouldn't paint if you are going to use it outdoors. Definetly painted if used indoors. A plant stand would be a great use. It would make a cute patio side table or seat. Depending on what you need. Great buy no matter what you use it for.

  54. I LOVE all that chippy, rusty goodness...and it's perfect for a plant!

  55. I have the exact same chair only not quite as rusty! I'm curious to see what you do with it.

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  57. I like suzan's idea for the b.r. at least for sure my vote is to leave it, seal it, and use it with a plant or a bowl with a fun filler.

  58. Love it as is, plant stand with some flowers flowing down and then taller in the middle! Of course do something special to the pot! Wonderful outdoor piece!

  59. Out of your suggestions, I would choose the plant stand...however, with a CREAM colored vintage planter. If it were up to me, I would DEFINITELY keep it as is and just put a sealant on it. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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