Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bullseye Molding Picture Display and Altered Cabinet Card

Today was one of those days where I seemed to go from project to project with no real direction.

I started the day removing the seats and then cleaning and sanding these two chairs (thrift store find for $1.00 apiece).
 I did manage to get one painted (dark gray) but I'm not sure I'm loving it so I decided to move on from that project and come back to it at a later time.

I then saw five yardsticks on the workbench so I spent some time turning them into more stars.  These are going to the craft show with me in October.
Then I decided to alter a cabinet card for Halloween.
Yesterday I made a trip to one of my local antique malls to pick up some cabinet cards that could be altered.  There's a booth at the mall that has 1000's of cabinet cards and several can be found for 50 cents apiece....those are the one's I bought.

So with some leftover scraps of paper, buttons and a stamped phrase I made this.  Nothing too elaborate but fun for Halloween.
And since I wanted to display the card, I decided to make a display stand.

I started with this old bullseye piece of molding and added a couple of nails at the top (which will actually be the bottom of the display).
I wanted this piece to stand but I also wanted it to tilt back just a little bit.
I found a wood block and cut it at a slight angle.  Then I glued it to the back of the molding.
 The nails hold the cabinet card in place and the head of the nail keeps the card from sliding.
I think the two pieces work well together.

Now, back to the cabinet cards I purchased......
 I found some fun cards that I think will be perfect to be altered for Halloween.
I thought I would share a few with you.
Feel free to copy and use for your own projects.  
If you use any of these I would love to see what you make.

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Have a great week.



  1. I always wonder why the women in these old photographs never look happy. I wonder if they don't have teeth and therefore can't smile. Just a thought. Very clever with the molding picture stand. You always see the possibilities...

  2. Jane, your cabinet card is so cute! I love the pics you shared. They will make great witches. Thank you!! Linked up to your oil can too.

  3. Your altered cabinet cards make me smile. Having drawers full of these of ancestors (and strangers too), the genealogist in me wonders if anybody might recognize a long-lost relative. I guess because I've had that moment when someone I didn't know hauled out an old photo album and there was my great-great-grandmother (whom I hadn't seen a picture of before). It was such a great feeling!

    These women look so forlorn (but they give me the giggles). I hope their lives were much happier than their photos might imply. Cheers!

  4. We all seem to be having the same thoughts....that the women appear very unhappy. Hopefully, it's just the pose. You are always so creative!

  5. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  6. Nice. These women will look better now than they ever did before. Good job.

  7. I need a stamp that says "great job, you are so stinking creative" so I don't have to type this all the time! Love the ideas and thanks for sharing. I am getting ready for a craft show at the end of Sept and was all over the place today too! Did that bullseye come cut like that already? Such a great find!!!

  8. Wow! You're making them up for Halloween?
    ...and I thought they were frightful to begin with! LOL...
    Love the yardstick stars!
    ...well, really I love all your projects, so creative~ Pat

  9. OMG Jane Congratulations! I missed the post about your wonderful blog being featured in the fall/winter Flea Market Style magazine. I knew it was a matter of time before you were discovered. I can't think of anyone more deserving than you!

    Have a wonderful day,

  10. Those are amazing, Jane! Like Joy, I also wonder why you never see smiles, but I think that was just probably how they did things at the time. Yours turned out great! I love it and it is perfect for Halloween. The molding stand is perfect, too, especially with the top the way it is.

  11. you are the best. i love to come by and see what you have done!


  12. I too have wondered about the old ladies we see know they had really hard lives and were wondering "what in the heck am I doing here?" I have some in my stash that I'm pretty sure are my ancestors, and they are even scarier than yours! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Those poor women must have led a hard life, because you never see them smile! But they're so perfect for Halloween this Halloween project. Love it!

  14. Love those stars Jane!!
    Cabinet cards are so much fun to work with.
    Love your easel you have made for them.
    Great combo!!
    Can't wait to see the chairs.

  15. thanks, neat old pictures, kinda makes you feel bad we are using there pictures for halloween, maybe this was beautiful back in the day!

  16. Jane, I just made an easel similar to this out of scrap aged wood. I was having my son help me figure out what angle to cut the pieces to make it sit right. It looks awesome out of a piece of molding!

  17. You picked out some perfect cabinet cards for Halloween. I think part of the reason people didn't look that great in some of those old photos are that they probably didn't wear makeup. A little foundation and blush and they'd good to go.

  18. They never looked very happy in the "old days", did they? Love your projects!

  19. I feel so thankful for makeup all of the sudden! Actually, I think it wasn't fashionable back then to smile for pictures. That's why everyone looks so mad and unhappy. Also, you probably had to be pretty well off to have your picture made a lot, so these women were probably living a more charmed life. I think I'm going to look this up and verify my facts. I'm super curious now.
    Thanks for sharing the images! Can't wait to play with them!

  20. I found this on yahoo answers:
    From PBS-I believe it was Ken Burns who commented in an interview on The Civil War that it was considered quite rude in that time period to smile for a photograph...AND it took such a long time to make an exposure-you had to hold that pose such very a long time--eyes would water from trying not to blink. getting your photo wasn't a happy fun thing..Matthew Brady probably was inclined to document th Civil War in his photo's because no one complained-and they all held still.

  21. Those women look pretty spooky to me! LOL!
    Great ideas Jane!


  22. Jane: Just love your re-creation of the "witch". Going to try my hand at these. Will look great with my new paperback book pumpkins. LuAnn

  23. My these are just perfect for Halloween and at 50 cents a piece...even better!
    Thanks for sharing with us too!

  24. Those cabinet cards are fabulous! Show use the rest when you get them done, I love all the inspiration you give us!


  25. First, your "pumpkins" are just 'the cat's meow'!!!! They are adorable. I can only imagine how cute a large grouping of them will be! The pictures were a HOOT! They each look like they are just waiting for Halloween! Lori L

  26. How fun! Thanks for sharing all the great images!

  27. Love your molding picture stand!!! Just had to laugh at seeing the women on the cabinet cards...Did they ever smile??? I can see why you selected them for Halloween!!!

  28. well of course everything is wonderful, again. never disappointed when I come here.

    little crochet thread pumpkin, cute!

    some of those photos look like they will be good with pointy hats on. =)


  29. I love your molding with the witch! I used it as inspiration to make my own version and am writing a post about it. I will definitely give you credit on my blog for the inspiration!!!


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