Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brooch Display

 What do you get when you combine an oil can......
a vintage wood spool......
and a couple of rolls of crochet thread?
A display stand for brooches!
I have a few brooches that I've picked up here and there.  Some I wear and others were purchased for projects.  The problem was I kept forgetting what I had because they were all thrown together in a zip lock baggie.

So I spray painted the oil can.
Removed the top because I only needed the base for this project.
Added the wood spool to the base of the oil can (I was lucky....this spool was a perfect, snug fit).
Slid two spools of crochet thread on the wood spool.
And then added the brooches.
The brooches stay put when the pins on back of the brooches are slid between the layers of thread on the crochet spools.
I won't be forgetting what brooches I have now.
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I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I took the afternoon off today and went to my first flea market of the season in Sparks, Kansas.  Now if you haven't heard of Sparks, KS you would not be alone.  When the market is not open (and it's only open two long weekends during the year), the town of Sparks has a population of 9.  

The flea market brings thousands of people to town and my mom and I were part of that crowd.  We had a great afternoon.  The weather was perfect and I was able to find a few fun things at very reasonable prices.

I was most interested in little items today and this is what I came home with.

Westclox Clock ($5.00)
Sentinel Alarm Clock ($2.00)
Small ironstone cup and saucer (75 cents)
Keys (25 cents apiece)
Locks ($1.00 apiece)
Rubber Stamps ($5.00 total)
19th Century Notebook ($1.00)
Vintage bottle ($1.00)
Small keyhole (free)
Hooks (3 for $1.00)
Carter pail for a friend whose last name is Carter ($10.00)
Not sure what to call this (10.00).  I was told this was used in an automotive garage to hold different sized belts for cars.  I'm thinking clothes/coat rack.
Big desk drawer ($5.00).  I'm going to use this as a shelf.
Vintage frame ($5.00)  This is going to get painted and used for a memo board.
White porcelain doorknobs ($2.00 apiece)
My mom didn't come home empty handed either.  She found some fabric for a great price.  She will probably be busy sewing aprons with it tomorrow.

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Enjoy your weekend.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shadowbox Frame

I really like finding old shadowboxes when I'm out thrifting because they are so much fun to repurpose.

I've posted a couple of shadowbox projects in past posts.

This old seed box......
became a display for vintage sewing notions.
And this little shadowbox......
was turned into a display shelf for vintage shaving brushes.
A couple of weeks ago I found this little shadowbox frame.
Not loving the seashells and flowers but I had a plan.

A little paint, a little distressing, some old watch parts and a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.
 A new look for the old shadowbox frame.
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Happy Wednesday!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Redecorating with Thrift Store Finds

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

I hosted Easter dinner at my house this past weekend but before I could have my family over for a meal I had to clear off my dining room table.  The dining room seems to be the place where a lot of my "treasures" end up when I first bring them home and let's just say I had a lot of treasures sitting on the table.

Using only stuff that was on my dining room table, I decided to redecorate a display shelf in my kitchen.  It was a great way to clean off the table and use a lot of the thrifty finds that I have purchased recently.  You may recognize some of the pieces from a couple of my past posts.
Of course now all of the stuff that was previously on the shelf needs a new thing just leads to another!

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Have a great day.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Memories

I am rerunning this post from last year because it was one of my favorite Easter projects.  
The display brings back a lot of wonderful memories of how we celebrated Easter when I was growing up.
Happy Easter!

This was my family in 1965.  Quite the crew!
My Mom made the dresses that my sisters and I are wearing and hand embroidered the flowers on the front.  Since black and white pictures were the norm for this time period you can't see that each dress was a different color.  I am on the left (with my Toni perm) in an orange dress, my sister Theresa is in the middle wearing a lavender dress, and my younger sister Peggy has on a mint green color dress.

I'm mentioning the color of the dresses because the vintage Easter item I want to share today is the rosary I received that Easter to match my dress.
This rosary was a special gift from one of my mother's good friends.  She had this rosary made for me and one for each of my sisters to match the color of our dresses.  I've had this rosary for 46 years and it is a very loved possession.

This year I decided to display the picture and rosary as part of my Easter decorations. 
I have a tall, flat vase that I used as the foundation of my display.
I framed a copy of our 1965 family Easter photo in a vintage frame and placed it in the vase on top of a bed of orange paper shreds.  I made a small "Easter 1965" tag and placed it on the frame.  I added a ribbon and vintage belt buckle to the bottom of the vase and then draped my rosary over the front of the vase.
A simple Easter display with a lot of wonderful memories.

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Have a wonderful Easter weekend.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White Wednesday Junk Bunny

I was doing a little tidying up in my studio this evening and came across some spools of crochet thread.

Well one thing led to another......
My Junk Bunny.....complete with silverware ears, wire whiskers, button nose and eyes and a thread ball tail.

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Happy White Wednesday!