Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Painted Silverplate

It's hard to believe it's already time for White Wednesday and Wow Us Wednesday.
I love a three day weekend!

This is a wedding photo of my grandparents....June 14, 1928.  My Grandfather was 24 years old and my Grandmother was 23.
  I "framed" the photo using a painted silverplated bowl.

Although I personally like the look of tarnished silver, this bowl had really seen better days.    A fresh coat of paint did it some good.  After the paint dried, I distressed the raised areas with sandpaper to expose just a little bit of the silver.
I used rub-ons to add the phrase "Always and Forever".
And also this little scroll work at the top.
I printed the wedding photo of my grandparents and cut it to fit in the bottom of the bowl.
I thought this was a fun way to repurpose an unused silverplated bowl and display my grandparents wedding photo from so long ago.
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Happy Wednesday!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Repurposed Picture Frame turned Menu Board

The project I'm posting tonight was inspired by the Saturday Nite Special party hosted by Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors.  Eack week there is a project theme and this week's theme is:  traditional picture frames used creatively.

I have A LOT of picture frames (I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many).  I first started buying old picture frames when I was framing old family photos for a photo wall in my house.  I wanted the frames to reflect the age of the photos so I scoured thrift stores and garage sales, etc. on a hunt for frames.  The picture wall is finished but I keep buying the frames.....but how can you pass up an old frame for 50 cents?

For my menu board I started with this frame. 
 Someone did a lovely job on the embroidery piece but I was really interested in the detailed frame.
I also used this old cabinet door.
Notice the recessed area of the cabinet door?  The picture frame, placed horizontally, is a perfect fit in that recessed area.  Sorry no picture but it will make sense in a minute.

I painted both pieces white and distressed the edges.

Next I took two small hinges and screwed them on the back, bottom side of the picture frame.
I then placed the frame in the recessed area of the cabinet door and screwed the other side of the hinges to the door.
My next step was to add a small cup hook to each side of the cabinet door.
And then a small eye hook to the back, upper sides of the picture frame.
I cut a short length of chain for each side and attached the chain to the eye hooks with jump rings.  The other end of the chain was looped through the cup hooks (this is so the chain can be adjusted).
This is how the project looks at this point.
Karen @ The Graphics Fairy recently posted this cool old "Menu" typography on her wonderful blog.

When I saw this graphic I knew immediately that I wanted to use this on my menu board.
I printed it and inserted it in the frame.
 I also decided to paint the recessed area of the cabinet with black chalkboard paint.
 I don't do a lot of cooking so my menu board was really made to hold take-out menus.  But when I do decide to plan a menu, I can write it on the chalkboard.
I have a piece of old hardware that would be perfect to hold my chalk.  I am still deciding whether I want to add it to the bottom.  I'm going to hold off for awhile....I can always add it later.

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hinge Hanger

A couple of weeks ago Laurel @ Chipping With Charm posted a great photo holder project using old hinges.   You can visit her post here.   And while you're there take some time to go through her other projects, it will be well worth your time.  She has great ideas and some awesome repurpose projects posted.  

 I absolutely loved the charm and simplicity of her hinge photo holders so I dug through my pile of old hinges to try and recreate something similar. 
I found this hinge.
And hung it on the side of an old cabinet using twine.
I have been wanting to display this pretty French thread card and the hinge was the perfect size.  A magnet was all that was needed to hold the card in place.
This took all of about 2 minutes, so I took another hinge, hung it and displayed an old photo postcard.
This last hinge is one of my favorites.....look at all the detail.
I decided to use this hinge for a tabletop display.  
A picture....a magnet.....it's finished!
Thank you Laurel for the inspiration!

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Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paint Tote

A quick post with a quick project tonight.  
The skies here look threatening and they're calling for bad storms tonight so I want to keep my eye on the weather.

I found this sad little tray of plastic baby bottles a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale for 50 cents.
 Since I am way past the need for baby bottles in my house, I tossed the bottles so I could repurpose the sanitizer tray into a tote for my craft paints.

The tray would have been fine "as is" but I decided to dress it up a bit with some crocheted trim.
 I sewed a few random stitches to attach the trim to the tray.
  Then I added my paint and brushes.
Each divided section is the perfect size for 3 bottles of craft paint.
 And a small jar in the middle stores my paint brushes.
I'm not sure this qualifies as a real "wow" project but I'm linking with 
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Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Camera Display

I have several vintage cameras I've been wanting to display.  My goal is to get my son's room painted and display the cameras in his room.  Well, I've had the paint for his room a couple of months now and have yet to open a can, so I decided to hang a couple of the cameras in my bedroom until I work up the energy to get his room painted.

I started with two of these bullseye architectural molding pieces.
When I bought them they were stained wood.  I painted them white and distressed the edges.

To form the shelves I used a couple of mortise locks and used them in the same way as the project I posted about here. The faceplate of the locks were placed on the molding pieces and screwed in place to form the shelves.
I added hangers to the back of the molding and hung the shelves on the wall.
I then sorted through my vintage cameras and found two that fit on the shelves. 
The shelves by themselves looked a little lost on the wall so I grabbed an old picture frame and hung it on the wall to frame out the shelves.
I still thought it needed something to finish it off so I found a 1950's photo of my Dad and one of my Mom and tacked them to the wall with decorative upholstery nails.
I'm thinking this may never make it's way into my son's room.

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Have a wonderful week.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Super Easy Display Stand

I love easy projects and this one definitely fits that category.

I have had three of these strainers in my studio closet for quite some time.
I came across them this morning as I was digging around for something else (which I never did find).  

I took one of the strainers and bent the handle back to turn the strainer into a display stand.
That's all there is to it!
It makes a great stand for bracelets and earrings.
I'm planning on using this for my jewelry but it could also be used as a picture holder.
All you need is a photo and a magnet (my white magnet was originally an old clip earring).
I love this photo of my grandmother (in the middle) with two of her friends.

Or you could clip ephemera to the holder with small clothespins (I found these in the office supply area at Walmart) or paper clips.
In this example I thread a ribbon through the top of the strainer and added an old envelope and French advertisement card using the small clothespins.
And if I was a cook I would use this in the kitchen to hold a recipe card (in my case maybe I could hang the take out menu from our favorite restaurant).

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

White Wednesday

I'm a very late contributor this week to White Wednesday with Kathleen @ Faded Charm.
I don't have anything new to post today but I wanted to help celebrate the 100th White Wednesday so I'm picturing a few of my whites from previous posts.
Congratulations Kathleen on your 100th party!!  
And the one most near and dear to me:
As Bruce's disease progresses more of my time is being spent with him and taking care of the household needs.  I sneak in some time to read your blogs but unfortunately cannot comment as much as I would like.  Creating is a great stress reliever for me so I will still be working on projects and posting......but on a little more limited schedule.

Thanks to all of you for your support.