Thursday, March 1, 2012

Trunk Box Display

I can't believe it's already March.
Even though it's still winter, it's nice to know spring is just weeks away.
And the weather in the midwest today definitely felt like spring....sunny and in the upper 60's.  This was just the type of day that Bruce loved.

I spent a little time outside this afternoon spray painting a couple of small items for my booth.  They're not ready to show so I thought I would show you a trunk box that I purchased recently.

If you're thinking "that is one ugly trunk box", from this profile I would be inclined to agree.
But open it up and it starts to look better.
And set horizontally it has a lot of possibilities as a display shelf.
The box is covered in a gray fabric that has BAL logos all over it.
There's some nice hardware attached.
And a lot of wear and tear.
But even with it's flaws I'm seeing a beautiful display piece.
I'm going to use it in my booth for awhile until I can find the perfect spot in my house.

Now, I know I said I would make March an "ironstone free" month and on the first day of the month I'm already reneging on that promise, but I had limited time to take my pictures this evening and the ironstone was right in front of me so I'm afraid you're getting more ironstone.
I'm linking this old, vintage trunk box with Debra @ Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



  1. You have such vision! I would never have seen the beauty in it, but I love the finished product!

  2. I agree with Mari about your vision. Your creativity amazes me and the trunk box makes a great display!
    Keep having fun,

  3. Hello Creative Jane!
    I love the look that is has now and how it's already a perfect display piece. You should write a book about re-doing! You have so many great ideas.
    Have a lovely weekend! Still lifting you up in prayer!

  4. I certainly understand the 'limited time to take pictures' thing. :) Neat piece you've got there. Have fun with it!

  5. Your trunk is a beautiful find! And what a perfect display piece it is for your pretty ironstone!

  6. Yes, this definitely will be a great display piece! You always work such beautiful magic, Jane. I hope you are well, Victoria

  7. I like it. A friend has two old, old wooden tool boxes with the black paper covering that she uses to display items in her home.

  8. Ironstone free? whatever for...this is lovely and please no more ironstone free thinking....olive

  9. What an eye you have..It looks great..I would of never thought of that..

  10. I think it looks so great together... who cares if you use Ironstone... really? I can never get enough of the look.
    Though I don't have much myself; I can come here and look at yours!

  11. I think white ironstone looks good with just about anything...I'm glad you reneged. The trunk is a wonderful display! Your eye never lets you down Jane!

  12. I agree with Geneva. The ironstone looks wonderful displayed in the trunk.

    1. Can one get too much ironstone! I can't wait to see what you do with this really cool piece. I have one in the attic that was my husband's grandfathers. I'm sure days like this are hard without Bruce, (hugs). Hey have you given any thought to going to Haven, I am thinking about it. It would be so much fun to meet you!

  13. That is a wonderful display piece for your booth, how it looks with the ironstone, too!

  14. AWESOME trunk!! Perfect for display. and gray. versatile color too!

    So nice to have you here. =)


  15. That trunk certainly makes a wonderful display piece and your ironstone is always beautiful no matter where you place it. Have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

  16. Wow - it looks amazing used for display - great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  17. I'm seeing it too Jane! Great idea, I'd have probably walked away from that one but you made it work! Great save!

  18. What a cool find Jane! I like it as is.
    Now I'm mad because I passed us some old ironstone yesterday..ugggg!
    You inspired me today~xoxo~SueBee

  19. I know I would have walked right by that trunk. Just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover. Love the ironstone. :@

  20. That does make a great display piece and I never tire of seeing ironstone. You have some great pieces.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I just happened onto your blog. You do have an eye for decorating and finding beauty in old items. The trunk sure served the owner well.
    That is a William Bal steamer trunk. You can probably google his name and read more.

    I will come back with some coffee and visit.
    GOD bless your day.

  22. LOL, Jane! It's hard to stay with something when you really want to try - mine was not spending on frivilous, unnecessary items in January. I think I lasted until about the 23rd! : ) When you said display, I thought, "Yes!" and it would even work upright, too. Great idea to use it in your booth for display!

  23. What a great display case! I ♥ it...

  24. Well, I have to say that you certainly do find the beauty and perfect uses in the things you find! And I don't blame you for wanting to use the ironstone to show off in this trunk. The way you have it displayed makes it look like it was meant to be together!

  25. I love this old trunk. What a great find.

  26. Wow, I would have bought it in a heat beat, perfect for display and if you decided it won't fit in your house, hang a tag on it and it will sell! I understand why Bruce would have loved a day with the first hint of spring weather, it always puts a bounce in my step!


  27. I am learning so much!! yes, I would have thought that was one ugly old trunk...don't think that!! you have a touch!

  28. I didn't realize there was such a think as too much ironstone ;) and besides the trunk is the purrfect backdrop for the creamy whites!

  29. I just found your blog through pinterest and now I am a follower. You have great ideas thanks for sharing them.

  30. Oh Jane HOW could YOU of all people declare ANY month ironstone free....hahahaha....DUFFER.... :o) !!

    This trunk is a WONDERFUL piece for sure & is the EXACT kind of thing I love to find to use as a prop in my spaces....The added bonus of these kinds of items is that they make otherwise plain items look SENSATIONAL as well as make the prop themselves VERY appealing....**wink**....!!

    I so WISH I could pop into your space for a browse....I KNOW I'd stay a while & spend a HEAP....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  31. I love each and every rip and tear on your old trunk! What a gorgeous way to display your ironstone!


  32. Ironestone free month, he he. Love the trunk but I'm most envious of 60F weather and the acorns!! :D

  33. I LOVE the trunk.........and you can never, ever have enough ironstone!!! EVER

  34. Oh what I wouldn't give for some one to say to me "Hey, you want to come pick in my barn!"

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  36. I just found your blog!! I am in love:) One of my favorite blogs I have ever found, and my aunt's blog is a hard one to top:) I just subscribed, can't wait to see what's next, thank you for sharing your ideas!


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