Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Displaying Multiples

Do you remember the old potato chip ad that taunted "Bet you can't eat just one"?

Well, I should have an ad that reads "Bet you can't buy just one".

I guess my buying theory is, if one is good.......
Then dozens have to be better!
I have lots of multiples displayed around my house.

Letter die in a glass jar.
Salt/pepper shakers in a glass pedestal bowl.
Stacked ironstone platters.
Vintage price tag buttons.
I turned them into magnets for my fridge.
Crochet thread in a locker basket.
And a stack of flower frogs.
Under glass.
What things do you collect and display together?

Hope you're having a great week.



  1. I love your collections. I collect lots of things including vintage printed tablecloths, lace, jewelry, hankies, too many things to list. If you are willing to sell any of those keyhole things let me know.


  2. Love your leaning tower of Piza frogs and every other scrumptious bit. My collections of 'displayables' are few, but I have done crochet thread a la Mamie Jane! Love your ideas, as always! :)

    1. I love your multiples! I find cool stuff and stare and it and think what can I do with it? Why don't I ever think just stick it in a bowl??? You need to check out a post I did forever ago called Inspiration, it's on my sidebar, it's my most popular post and it has cool ideas from a catalog called Nappa Style (expensive stuff). I bet you could get some inspiration to make something cool with those plates!

  3. Great collections. I love the flower frogs under glass! Great post!

  4. Oh Jane...I wish I could reach in and get one of those price magnets...that is way cool!

    I collect various things....little things would be scrabble letters, dominoes, marbles...I have several metal frogs...oh, the list is just too long, you would get bored....but I like to collect, much to my hubbies chagrin!

  5. I can't decide which I love more: the vintage price buttons or the keyholes! Your multiples are magnificent!


  6. I collect tea cups mostly, but there are other things that I've collected over the years. It just comes to the point of where to display and store them :-)

    Jocelyn @

    p.x. funny but I wrote a post today about collecting too.

  7. Don't they always look so much better and seem more important when they're displayed in multiples? Your treasures look so happy together:-)

  8. One is nice, a basket of.. a pile of.. a stack of.. a container of.. a stemmed bowl of .. treasures. Lovely, and thank you for your inspiration today.

  9. I Love your displays of multiples....
    I have been clearing & cleaning out so much around
    here, that I won't have much left to display,
    at least I always know I can visit you to see your
    Have a Beautiful & Blessed weekend

  10. Whatever you do Jane...if I ever came to your house, keep a very close eye on me or you might just miss a few of your awesome multiples :O!!!!
    sending hugs your way...

  11. I LOVE all of your stacks and groups. Just love looking at them. Thanks for sharing. I have groups of bottles of vintage buttons, Sewing/craft books, miniature sewing machines, pincushions, vintage thread spools etc etc. I'll stop now, you know what it's like??!!!

  12. You've got some neat collections, Jane! I just recently got some clock faces and put them under a cloche in the master bedroom. I've got eggs all over the place. With nests and without.

  13. Good to see you! Who ever said "Less is more" sure didn't like vintage!
    I collect vintage games, it's the theme in my living room!

  14. I love the yellow dice and I have never seen the price tag button before! Your creative eye is amazing. I have my little white creamers in together, my collection of teacups jumbled in a basket, silver baby cups. Hmm what else can I jumble together.

  15. Your stack of frogs is really cool. My collections range from rusty hardware from old doors and keys to shiny rhinestone jewelry pieces in glass bowls. Buy in Bulk!

  16. all great photos...and wonderful collections! my clock collection and my vintage suitcase collection just keep growing...I agree with you - the more, the better!

  17. Oh, that stack of frogs under glass is so clever! I don't even want to fess up to how many collections I've got going. :@

  18. I have the same "problem" here...lots of little junky "bits" in bowls and jars at my house. They make me happy :) LOVE those price tag buttons! Laurel

  19. I have all kinds of stuff all over the place but don't think it is all as nicely displayed as your lovely collections. Hope all is well with you. Take care! Hugs, Tammy

  20. Jane,
    You have some wonderful collections. Love the flower frogs, ironstone and price tags. I collect ironstone and love it.


  21. Jane, you may have lots of multiples of things, but you always have them very organized. I love the look of bits and pieces gathered together in a bowl or box or basket. Me? I have way too many little collections to begin to list. LOL
    FYI ~ I went straight to $ Store after reading the post on the R-W-B stars below. Now I have some too! Not sure how I'll use them, but they have lots of potential. Thanks for the heads up.

  22. Jane I love how you display our multiples! You are always an inspiration to me!
    hugs, Linda

  23. Jane,
    You ALWAYS find the best items! Those price tag pins are so much fun! And I recently saw someone put glitter in old salt and pepper shakers, so your collection is fantastic!
    dee dee

  24. Wooden bowls are my "stacking" favorite as of late.

    Good to have you back . . .

  25. Hi Jane,
    Your collections are beautiful. I collect and display white tea pots and old sewing machines. The displays rotate as I collect alot of things. I love all the things you do with 'old' stuff, as my daughter would say. Thank you so much for sharing with use.
    Miss Ellie

  26. So glad to find a post from you. The way you display your collections makes them works of art instead of stuff you collected. I wish I was that clever about displaying my collections. laurie

  27. Your collections always look so much better than mine ~ lol. I collect ornate silver serving pieces, beads, vintage purses, perfume bottles, oil lamps, fabric, laces, jewelry...maybe you should have asked what I don't collect. I'm hopeless

  28. loving all of your collections dear jane but i have to say, i'm crushing on those keyhole plates!! LOVE! ;)

  29. OH, you had me at the first photo...pure eye candy to me! Wonderful photos and goodies!

  30. You have a great eye for display. I love it....especially those keyhole plates. Darling!!!! xo Diana

  31. Jane, I love all your unique collections!! And your creative ideas for displaying them! Pure genius, my dear! You inspire all of us!

  32. Great collections Jane!
    I must find a cloche for my flower frog it!

  33. Hi Jane....
    Nice to see you today. =)

    Love all your the price buttons.. sweet.

    Hope your day is blessed.

    barbara jean

  34. thank you - I have frogs and I have glass cloches with cool wood slabs for the base! Now I know how to store those frogs, lol and present a cool look!!!
    Love looking at your blog for ideas.

  35. Good evening, Jane,
    It's always fun to see how you've displayed your items. I have so much stuff...trying to find a way to display it without having it look like 'clutter'!

    Have a marvelous Monday. ~Natalie

  36. you and i have alot of the same things as i recall...old clocks, hose nozzles, flower frogs..(the other kind..wirey mesh), cameras, oil cans....
    i tend to collect things that others (except you !) dont the hose nozzles...i love them on a window sill..and i can always find them for like a quarter..noone else wants them !!
    love your magnets !!

  37. Since we moved from our house to our RV, I don't have much room for collections, but believe me I had plenty. Now, my favorite collection is buttons. I have them displayed in jars in my sewing area. I use them too. My favorite collection in my house was my wall of blue and white plates. The frogs under glass is wonderful. Enjoyed seeing all of them. The key holes are an unusual thing to collect.

  38. Love all your collections Jane... I think I have a collection of collections too. I'm trying to group them a little bit more. So much more impact when they're all together.... like yours... :-) As always......totally impressed.


  39. You just have the coolest eye for this stuff. Hgtv here is the real star.

  40. I'm SO with you on this Jane....The MORE....The YUMMIER....**wink**....!!

    Hope you're having a BRILLIANT week....!!!

    Tamarah xx

  41. I decided that I needed to play catch-up with Jane! I am so glad that I did, your collections and displays always have me oohing and ahhing over here. love those price magnets, what a great idea! I 'get' how it happens, you see the game pieces or the price tags, and let's not forget about the key pieces and you just can't buy just one! It's impossible, they need friends to hang out with and make your home spectacular together! Thanks for always sharing so many wonderful creative ideas! t.xoxooxo

  42. I always enjoy stacking & figuring out how to make use of the vertical air space. Currently, a big floral cylinder holds a whole collection of creamers. Out in the open and taking up the footprint of a 45 rpm vinyl you can see it at

  43. I am absolutely obsessed with flower frogs for some reason.
    Your blog has so many great ideas.

    <3 <3 <3


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