Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ornament Hanger

I know it may seem early for a Christmas project but I've been trying to get things made for my booth space for Christmas and these hangers were on my weekend "to do" list.  They are very simple to make so I thought I would share a quick tutorial.
For this project I used 14 gauge wire.  I've had this roll for quite some time....100 ft. goes a long way!
 I cut an approximate 8" piece for my hanger.
Since the wire came in a roll it already had a slight curve to it.  But the ornament hanger needs to be more circular so you need to find a round form to bend the wire around.

I used the bottom of this silver piece for my form but any solid circular object would work (cans of food are perfect).
 Simply bend your wire around your form to form a semi-circle with the wire.
The wire now looks like this.
 Next, at one end of the wire, take your needle nose pliers and bend your wire at a 90 degree angle.
 At the other end of the wire take your needle nose pliers and bend the wire around to form a small loop.
 Your wire should now look something like this.
For the base of my hanger I took a small block and drilled a hole towards one end.
 I then placed one end of the wire holder in the wood (you might want to add a small amount of glue prior to adding the wire just to make sure everything will be secure).
You may need to make small adjustments to the wire once it is in place.
 Simply bend the hanger until you are happy with the position.

 Add an ornament and you're finished!
I can see these being used in lots of ways for holiday decorating.
Add one on top of a stack of books on a book shelf, scatter several on your mantel, place one on top of each place setting at your holiday table.....oh, the possibilities are endless :)

I'm also working on some ornament trees using old spindles and wire.
Here is one I just finished this morning.
I'll be posting more details on this project at a later date.

Hope you're having a great weekend.



  1. Thank you for the lovely tutorial
    The ornament tree will be great to display the special vintage ones.

  2. I love this! I just pinned it so I can remember it this Christmas. Thanks for sharing your lovely project with us :)

  3. What a great idea !! I just love it and I will give it a try ! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  4. Dear Jane, what a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing, I will try this myself:))

  5. Seems your time away gave you inspiration for great new creations. Still so happy to see you back here. :D

  6. Jane,
    Two neat and simple ideas for the holidays...luv that darling tree.


  7. Very pretty, Jane! I love the idea of using these at place settings!

  8. Love, love, love.... maybe I need a few more loves........these.

  9. Jane I just love how simple and rustic these are! Hang a beautiful Christmas ball on them and they are worth a million bucks! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I LOVE them and pinning....

  10. simple but great - wonderful inspiration...thanks...

  11. Love this, Jane...what a great way to display some of my more special ornaments! Thanks!

  12. I'm so happy to see you're posting again. It's these simply beautiful projects that attracted me to your blog in the first place :-)

  13. What a great idea..
    Thanks for the step by step instructions..
    Have a wonderful week..

  14. Hi Jane! This is a great idea and I am so glad you are back even though I am about a month late in discovering this! So happy that I can look forward to your posts again!

  15. I love the ornament holder. Easy and simple but very useful!

  16. Never too early for Christmas, Jane. I think I'm going to make two of these ornament holders--I've got two little vintage ornaments that I would like to display. Perfect!

  17. What a great DIY. I have a few of these, but now will make myself self a few more. Thanks for sharing. Pinning it!

  18. Simply perfect! And I'm not surprised that you have a wonderful old silver piece for circle forming instead of a can of beans. :) Love the spindle one too!

  19. I especially love the one on the spindle! It's good to see you blogging so much! Kelly

  20. Oh Jane! It's so good to see posts from you again and of course they are wonderful! I'm hoping your days are filled with peace.

  21. Just became your newest follower...what a great gift idea for ornaments. Blessings...Pam

  22. As usual I love this project. You could hang one of my chalk board tags and use as a place marker.
    The possibilities are endless

  23. Jane, I went out and did some rummaging today and was thinking of you. This weekend was hard, feeling very lonely and lost. How do you get thru the weekends?

  24. That is a great project. Since we live in our RV now, I don't have room for a tree, but I could display some of my favorite ornaments this way.

  25. I love your ornament holder. Now I have to make some. TFS Hugs,

  26. Love the ornament tree. I am sure I have some spindles I could use.
    Great idea and look forward to more from you.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  27. This is really nice. I find at Christmas I don't have enough room to show off all my ordainment on my Christmas tree. I can make this and then show off all the ordainment that don't fit on my tree. That is awesome.



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