Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vintage Wire Glove Dryer - Jewelry Stand

Yesterday I went out to investigate some stores in a part of the city that I usually don't shop.....the weather was great and I felt like I needed a change of scenery.  I can't say I came home with a lot of finds but it was a fun day of shopping.

One of the things I purchased was a pair of 1940's wire glove dryers.
Each glove dryer had a hole in the bottom.
When I investigated on-line, I discovered the glove dryers originally had little hangers attached through those holes.  Makes perfect sense since these hand shaped dryers were used to air dry fashion gloves that were popular in the 1940's.

I don't have any gloves that I need to dry but I do have some rings and bracelets that are always in need of a jewelry stand.
 The hole that once held the little hanger was perfect as a means of securing the wire hand form onto a piece of scrap wood.
 Couldn't be any easier!
On another note......I haven't forgotten about my "What's in My Basement" quest, I just got a little sidetracked.

I went down to the basement today and came back upstairs with this old office chair.
It has a great shape and cool wheels on the bottom of the legs but that seat has got to go!
It looks to me like it's contact paper.  It will be interesting to see what I find underneath it!  I'll be working on this chair this week and show you the finished project next Sunday.

 Just a couple more quick pictures.
Isn't this the cutest little bird?
 I have some fallen tree branches in an urn in my living room that displayed my vintage Christmas ornaments this year.  I left the branches in the urn after Christmas and they have been bare until I found these little clip on birds at a local decor store last week.
They look pretty realistic.....good think I don't have a cat!

Have a great week.



  1. Love the glove driers, they look great as jewelry holders! Wow, that chair does need a little TLC... Can't wait to see the transformation:@)

  2. I have two of these vintage wire glove forms and your idea of mounting on wood is really cool. When I get tired of mine on the wall, I may have to do this too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Great idea! I thought the bird was a real one at first sight! Looking forward to see how you improve this chair!

  4. Who knew there was such a thing as a glove dryer...I could have used that a few times, but a jewelry holder is such a creative use!


  5. These are so clever, Jane...perfect for rings! The contact paper seat cracked me up...can't wait to see you work your magic on it!

  6. A perfect way to reuse that fun and interesting glove form. I was thinking the same thing about the chair cover...what was someone thinking?

  7. Very cool! Who knew they even had glove dryers. =) I learn something new every day! It's a fabulous jewelry holder, Jane!


  8. Love that you repurposed it into a jewleeg holder!!! Those little birds or so cute and real looking. I'm going go be on the lookout for some...

  9. Cute idea Jane! Can't wait to see that chair when you're done with it. Enjoy your week, Gail

  10. The contact paper seat reminds me of something my mother would have done. Can't wait to see you work your magic on that!

  11. Nice find.
    I wonder if an old coat hanger can be bent to make a glove dryer holder thing.
    Love the chair.

  12. Jane, do try to remember that wood grain contact paper was the very height of fashion at one point…. I can so remember my grandmother saying, 'it looks just like real wood...' So when you go to rip it off, give a moment of respect for the 70s, when everything was, in my humble opinion, not very attractive… Apologies to all you lovers of the 70s… There's room for all of us… Including those of you who think cool whip tastes just like whipped cream…

    I love that chair!!!

  13. Holy I'm good and envious of your finds! Ya gotta love the chair in its present state, but just wait till Jane's finished with

  14. Can't wait to see your finished chair... And, love the little hand. My goodness girl... your ingenuity just never runs low, does it? So darn clever.


  15. Jane I love the re-purposed Glove Dyer...I have run across a pair just once and I sold them~ Happy Tuesday~

  16. Love the hand! That is so perfect!!! :) Have a lovely week! xo Holly

  17. I've never even heard of a wire glove drier. But you but it to good use. Looks like it makes a great jewelry holder. I had thought that the birds were real from a picture you had taken. They sure look real.
    Looks like your chair does need a makeover, can't wait to see it when you get done.

  18. Newbie to the blog and I'm loving it!!! Where can I find the photos of the chair makeover??


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